Commercial surveillance

More that 50% of intruders say that they will discontinue a burglary when they discover an alarm system at their target business. This indicates the significance of installing the right alarm systems in your business. Ideally, there are specific options for home and business use. Many businesses use a combination of options to get the protection they need. When choosing a security system, the choice depends on your type of business and the nature of the protected assets.

Bells Only Alarms

This is the basic type of security alarm and most insurance companies wouldn’t consider it. If it is triggered, it makes an audible alarm that alerts you or your neighbor about an intruder. This system needs to be fitted by a certified installer.

Auto (GSM) Dialer or Speech diallers System

If you prefer a cheaper option, then a speech dialler system is an alternative to having a fully monitored commercial security system. When the alarm is activated, the system dials pre-programmed numbers to alert the person responsible for your business security. However, if the phone line is disabled or cut, no alert signal will be sent. For the GSM system, the phone line is not useful and you can configure several numbers where it sends alerts in case of a problem.

Monitored Systems

The monitored alarm systems share some aspects with the bell-only system. However, with a monitored system, there an alarm receiving center that gets the alert signals. The receiving center may confirm if the alarm is false or inform the police or the keyholder. With these systems, a unique reference number is used to identify a business premise. A business must be registered with a certified body to get this number.

IP Signalling System

You can choose this option if you are in need of a commercial security system that connects via a public internet. With this option, you also get to connect the system to a receiving center using the ISP of your choice. It may need an in-house network setup, but some feature alternative signal pathways to ensure security signal continuity.

Today, alarm systems come in a variety of models and styles with unique features to ensure office security. There are integrated and high-quality systems that will always ensure you get notified whenever there is a problem. Whatever option you choose, ensure that your insurance company will approve of it. Make sure to take the time to find one that meets your specific business needs.

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