In many different industries, crumblers are essential for breaking up product clusters that would be difficult for a human to do. Manufacturers usually make rotary crushers with shaft impactors that create considerable force. Users can calibrate crumblers for a size reduction ratio between 10:1 and 25:1, making them ideal for recycling and food processing. Know these different applications for a crumbler and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your industry.

  • Cheese Blocks: Rotary crushers are designed to break up products that are difficult for humans to break up due to their consistency. Cheese blocks certainly fall into that category of products. Depending on the type of cheese, it may be too hard, sticky, or otherwise difficult for a human worker to break apart. To replace hands that may have trouble breaking cheese blocks apart, a crumbler can effectively crush them into smaller pieces.
  • Pet Food: Another tricky product is pet food. As a conglomeration of various ingredients, crumbling pet food by hand can be unpleasant and difficult. By using a crusher machine, you can avoid trying to crush these hardened lumps of pet food. A crumbler will break them down into just the right size while saving you the hardship and labor.
  • Granola: When you think of broken up bits of food, you probably think of granola. As a famously crumbly breakfast food, granola comes in a range of differently sized pieces. A food crusher is designed to safely and sanitarily break down food products. Granola can be sticky because of how it is made, but a quality crumbler can take care of that problem.
  • Dried Fruit: To go with your granola, you need a way to break apart your dried fruit. A crumbler makes this process much easier, as you don’t have to get your hands covered in sticky fruit residue. Using machines to do this for you is also more sanitary and much more efficient.
  • Fertilizer: While fertilizer is necessary for the success of the agricultural industry, it is a messy product that humans should avoid touching whenever possible. Not only is it unpleasant for people to directly handle, it can be unsafe for them to touch.

Using crumblers is an efficient way to speed up the manufacturing process and to ease the work of humans in the industry using it.

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