Using trade show shipping containers for your business can be a worthy investment worth undertaking. It can change the way you showcase products at trade shows and enhance your company image overall.

Regardless of your industry, launching a business or organizing a booth in a trade event can be stressful. By designing custom shipping containers specifically for such an important event, you can eliminate the overwhelm that comes with getting ready for the launch or show.

During a trade show event, you want your company booth to attract the attention of potential customers. Since there are hundreds of other companies and competitors at the show, you must stand out among them. If you want an effective yet easy way of highlighting your booth, you should use trade show shipping containers.

Benefits of Using Trade Show Shipping Containers

To stand out in today’s world, you must be aware of the latest trends. And for trade shows, that translates to using pop up containers instead of traditional booths.

With more than 17 million shipping containers currently in circulation worldwide, the number of active ones is just at more than five million – which, according to Billie Box, make approximately 200 million trips per year. So why not utilize one of the millions of containers not in use?

Customized shipping containers can provide you with an attention-grabbing booth to effectively showcase your products. It’s why most businesses today use modified shipping containers for their tradeshow booth.

Not only do these containers offer a one-of-a-kind design, but you can also outfit it with a plethora of additional features and customization options.

For instance, you can add AC units to the container – useful for outdoor events. You can add toilets and storage areas for convenience. Apart from these, you can also add display shelves, electrical outlets, charging stations, security systems, doors, and windows.

Customizable booth shipping containers are indeed an excellent choice to showcase your company at trade show events. But if you’re still unsure, below are some of the reasons why businesses choose to use trade show shipping containers during events:

1. Being Eco-Friendly Improves Brand Image

Approximately 11 million unused shipping containers worldwide can otherwise be used for various other purposes. If you are going to recycle a shipping container, you’ll be reusing around 3,500 kilograms of steel. Think how friendly that is to the environment. A few examples of possible applications include trade shows and expo events.

When you use custom-designed shipping containers for your trade show display, you contribute to preserving the earth’s resources. Another advantage is the reduction in expenses. You’ll free up funds on raw materials and construction since you’re using a recycled container.

Not only that, but you’ll also connect with environmentally-conscious customers who tend to purchase eco-friendly products.

2. Setup is Quick and Simple

Pop-up containers make it possible for a simpler and quicker setup as opposed to other tradeshow booth and exhibit options. These containers usually come pre-assembled and only need to be delivered and laid out smoothly. In fact, you can even ask your provider if they can assist you with the setup.

3. Easily Customizable

You can create the most unique booth at any event by using shipping containers. With a myriad of options for designing and customizing the container, you can effectively draw the attention of prospects to your booth. Apart from the add-ons mentioned above, you can also add railings, furniture, ramps, backdrops, interactive displays, and more.

4. Portability

Shipping containers are ideal for use in tradeshow booths since they are completely portable. Your provider can deliver the container to the show’s location. Then, you can easily move it to another area after the event.

5. Perfect for Outdoor Shows

If your expo event is held outside, you can be comfortable knowing that your booth will be weather-proof. You’ll be able to protect your products and other valuable assets from damage even during bad weather.

Highlight Your Booth at Trade Shows

Make each trade exhibit you join a truly memorable experience not just for your company but for your customers as well. With a pop up container bar, your booth will surely stand out and draw the attention of everyone at the event. You’re not only ensuring the safety of your valuable assets, but you’re also securing the growth of your business.

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