If you own a contracting business, it’s understandable to wonder how to increase productivity. In many cases, this productivity is the key to making more revenue. If your company isn’t productive enough, this could mean more customers lost to the competition. Fortunately, following a few tips can drastically boost your company’s productivity. With that in mind, here are five helpful tips to boost the productivity of your contracting company.

  1. Start Tracking Project Times

    It’s difficult to understand what needs to improve without knowing current business metrics. Therefore, you’ll want to take time to begin recording how long it takes to complete various projects. In turn, you can use this information to begin understanding where improvements can be made. You can also use this information to measure how certain tools affect job time. If certain departments are performing work slower than others, it might be time to consider upgrading this team’s power tools.
  2. Have Regular Safety Meetings

    Nothing halts a project faster than worker injuries. In addition, this places immense amounts of stress on other workers. Therefore, it’s a must that every worker where all required safety gear while working. This means everything from work gloves to safety helmets, no exceptions. It’s wise to consider having safety meetings before each job, ensuring everyone has all of their gear. In turn, your crew won’t have to worry about potentially dealing with injuries. You’ll also find that productivity likely increases as a result of everyone working safely.
  3. Upgrade Your Company’s Drywall Tools

    As a business owner, you’ll sometimes need to spend money in order to earn it. Considering that, many contractors must complete drywall projects in order to construct buildings. Therefore, you’ll want to consider the condition of the drywall hanging tools your company uses. It’s likely that these drywall hanging tools undergo a lot of wear and tear throughout a typical year. Therefore, new drywall hanging tools are likely to increase the productivity of your team.
  4. Consider Spray Foam Rigs for Large Insulation Projects

    Statistics show that heating and cooling make up for nearly 50% of all energy used throughout a residence. With that in mind, many people are wanting to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. One study found that spray foam insulation is able to reduce monthly heating and cooling costs by up to 60%. Considering that, it’s important to think about owning a spray foam rig. This rig allows your company to complete insulation work in a faster and more efficient manner.
  5. Ensure Employees Remain Properly Trained

    Everyone entering into the construction industry receives some type of training. You might feel that your company extensively trains all workers. However, it’s important to realize that methods, tools, and equipment change with time. Therefore, your contractors might not be working as productively as they could be. You’ll find that continuous training keeps employees updated and informed. In turn, informed employees are likely to be far more productive than improperly trained workers.

In closing, there are several ways to boost the productivity of your contracting team. It’s important that your crew is able to work at a productive pace. Statistics show that common roof repairs cost between $150-$400, with $45-75 going to labor costs. If you’re completing this type of work slowly, it’s difficult to obtain large amounts of revenue form customers. However, Following the previously mentioned tips will ensure your contracting team notices a boost in productivity.

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