From wide mouth commercial jars to gallon plastic jugs to plastic water bottles, plastic is a widely used substance all throughout not only the United States but through the world as a whole, used by many on a day to day basis. In fact, we are more dependent on plastic than we realize, as it helps to make up so much of our lives around us, from wide mouth commercial jars to the bowls we eat out of to parts of the cars that we drive and the homes that we live in. Many appliances are even plastic, as are many children’s toys, many toiletry and skincare products, and many different types of containers, from storage bins to shampoo bottles. There’s no doubt about it that plastic is a hugely important part of all of our lives, and one that would be very difficult to separate ourselves from fully, should we ever seek to try. In fact, plastic use is so common here in the United States that as many as two and half million plastic bottles are used in just the span of a single hour, all hours of the day, a number that grows and grows with each passing year here in this country as well as in many other countries all throughout the entirety of the world as a whole.

This can be seen in the data that shows that, though the world is currently consuming around six hundred billion tons of plastic over the course of just one single year already, this number is set to increase by as much as five percent with each year that passes by, from plastic products such as wide mouth commercial jars to other plastic products like the molded plastic container or even custom plastic bottles. Here in the United States, the manufacturing process of plastic and plastic products has brought a great deal of jobs and prosperity to all parts of the country, making plastic manufacturing the third largest industry in the entirety of the country, which is, as one might guess, certainly no small feat. Contributing a total of three hundred and seventy five million dollars to the economy on a yearly basis, the industry of plastics manufacturing, from the manufacturing of the wide mouth commercial jars to the manufacturing of plastic chemical jars and plastic bottles with caps, the industry of manufacturing plastic has been able to employ as many as one million people in total in just the country of the United States alone. And all across the country, the industry of manufacturing plastic has brought hope to people, bringing them a stable way to earn an income and provide for their families and helping them to set themselves up for future success that could be down the line, giving many the chance to put aside some much needed money and save.

Plastic is also a very efficient material, and using just a little bit of plastic can go a very long way. In fact, in the creation and manufacturing of everything from plastic water bottles to wide mouth commercial jars, using plastic can actually reduce the overall amount of material that is needed to create something such as wide mouth commercial jars or other commonly used plastic products. This fact can be seen most clearly when we use the example of water bottles. When a plastic water bottle is created through a plastic water bottle company, only two pounds of plastic can be stretched to deliver as much as ten gallons of liquid, from water to juice to soda. That’s a total of one thousand and three hundred ounces for just two pounds of plastic, a clearly very efficient way to manufacture and distribute, as it is cost effective and environmentally friendly all in one. On the other hand, using aluminum to deliver that very same amount of liquid would require a total of three pounds of aluminum to create the same results. Glass is even more expensive and less efficient, as forty pounds of glass are needed to deliver that same ten gallons, a hugely higher number when compared to the minimal amount of plastic that is used to create something that has a very similar purpose.

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