Digital signs

Having trouble bringing in local residents to your school events? Seeming as if people aren’t interested in your high school’s upcoming weekend football game? Do parents seem to forget that teacher conferences are coming up, needing to be reminded last minute every single year?

While handing out flyers, updating your website, and utilizing social media can be beneficial to get the word out for local businesses, there is nothing quite like having an outdoor led display to garner the attention of people across town.

Consider the stores you often see downtown: They have LED or neon signs in the storefront windows, either advertising adult beverages or statewide/national lottery purses, sodas or ice creams, attempting to grab your attention while you drive by. How many times have you stopped because of one of these signs, saying to yourself, “Huh, I could go for a Coke right now”? The likely answer is that it is high, as there is something about LED and neon signs that capture the attention of people that otherwise would think of such a product.

Similarly, think about one of the local movie theaters in your area. They might have a marquee sign out front, or they may have one of those scrolling marque signs, one that rifles through the current movies being shown at the theater. More often than not, people are persuaded to go see a film not because they originally wanted to, but because they saw a public advertisement for it in passing, thus becoming interested in taking the time to remember such information.

The data goes to show that this information is true, too:

  • Over 70% of people report often looking at roadside advertisements and billboards
  • Nearly 60% of people state they become interested in events they saw advertised on a billboard
  • Nearly 60% of respondents visited a location they first learned about after seeing a billboard for them while in their car

  • If you work for a school administration and are struggling to bring attention to your school and its events, consider investing in one of many marquee signs for schools. Purchased from LED sign companies, LED scrolling marquee signs for schools offer a clear, surefire way to attract attention to school events all with little frustration or work.

    While you might not think of it, schools are just as much places of business as they are centers of education. People are employed there, money is provided for them by the state, and they depend upon test results to continue receiving their benefits. Similarly, they depend on keeping up on enrollment, bringing in prospective students and families that can better both their overall image and community interaction. So, while marquee signs for schools might just seem like a simple way to garner attention for school events, they are just as much a part of business signage.

    Marquee signs for schools, and the further updated outdoor LED displays, offer schools the opportunity to attract attention from those throughout the community. It’s likely that the school is placed on a main road and that many parents will be driving by it on a regular basis, so having an outdoor sign to attract attention can influence both parents to become involved in school activities, or to remind their children about upcoming events that can improve their school spirit. All around, marquee signs for schools are nothing but a benefit, providing attention to your school in the best way possible.

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