If you are in the process of starting your very own small roofing company — congratulations! It is an honorable line of work, as it can be dangerous, but is necessary. If you want some advice from a seasoned professional in the roofing industry, this video is for you. It offers tips that the speaker wishes he would have known at the start of his journey.

Know going in that there will be a learning curve upon starting your business.

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You should not go in thinking that you will know everything about the industry. Not knowing every detail and messing up is inevitable. Failure is okay, it’s welcome, even! Because it makes you better at what you do. Learn from these mistakes. Seek out information from others in the roofing industry, because their experience is invaluable, and something you will gain over time.

It is vital when you are starting your own local roofing business to have integrity with every decision that you make. Being honest will benefit you, as you will have customers that trust you because you do good work and have open and honest communication with them.

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