Business postcards

WWI soldiers sent delicate postcards composed of uniquely embroidered silk mesh to their families while they were defend their country. The Direct Marketing Association claims that direct mail response rates to existing customers average about three and a half percent compared to .12 percent for email which is around thirty fold different. Direct mail postcards are used as attention grabbers and are an affordable way to relay your message to target demographics. These, along with customized postcards and business postcards can be ordered in bulk from a professional postcard printing service so that they look how you want them to. A custom postcard printing business has the leading equipment and knowledge needed to create professional or leisurely postcards for anyone in need. Seek such a service when you need multiple postcards tailored with special designs.

The 1960s and 70s saw an odd trend when postcards were used to announce openings of freeways and industrial parks rather than the intended usage of commemorating holidays or relaying funny jokes. From the 1920s to the mid century, some popular postcards included those that were saucy and contained risque images or off color jokes. Regardless of what they were used for back then, there are so many different purposes for postcards in the present. Those in need of real estate postcards can enlist a postcard printing service to customize their own cards so that they stand out from the competitors and get the point across in style.

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