Parking lot sweeping

There are many aspects of how to run and sustain a successful business and everyone seems to have their own opinions on what is most important. Some people will tell you that having a strong human resources department is essential to having a successful business because the building blocks of a strong business pertain mostly to the types of employees you hire. However, others will tell you that you have to keep your workplace clean to prevent your employees from missing work time.

The latter is incredibly true, especially in terms of keeping employees healthy. Take it a step further and understand that from a pure reputation standpoint you should aim to keep the outside area of your buidling clean as well. It only takes a few seconds for your business to make a first impression, and you do not want that first impression to include litter and trash found throughout your parking lot.

If you want to impress both employees and potential business partners with a cleaning parking lot, you should look into working with parking lot cleaning services. Most people have no idea that in 1849, the first street sweeping machine was invented and patented by C.S. Bishop. This is one of the many reasons why it’s best to let parking lot cleaning services take care of your parking lot.

Parking lot sweeping services and their parking lot sweeping prices will vary but it is much better than getting a street sweeper rental and trying to clean yourself. During the 19th century, machines for sweeping the street were made. Now, the United States highway and road maintenance industry contain an estimated number of 134,714 employees.

Most public places will hire in parking lot cleaning services to come and clean up. A street sweeper will both clean and maintain the street and this type of service is most commonly found in urban areas that contain a high amount of traffic. Most of the modern street sweepers involve mounted truck bodies that feature the ability to vacuum debris that is found in the street. 90% of all street sweeping machines in the United States are mechanical broom type sweepers.

In the United States, an estimated $42 billion in revenue is generated by the highway and road maintenance industry, and thus it is prevalent and important to our society. Keep in mind that there are 9,224 different companies that offer this type of road maintenance and these businesses are all thriving. Now, street sweepers also work to collect paper, leaves, and all other types of debris from curb gutters.

Over time, street debris can block stormwater facilities, and then when it rains it will cause heavy flooding which is a serious problem. Allow for street sweeping to remove both large and small pollutants that end up building up on city streets.

Runoff from urbanized areas is the number one source of water quality impairments according to an inventory report from the National Quality Inventory. In the United States, a parking space can cost $6 to $23 in health and environmental damage costs. Runoff pollution is associated with either melting snow or rainwater that washes off of roads, bridges, parking lots, rooftops and other surfaces, this can even include heavy metals and pesticides.

Some of the pollutants that come from urban areas can include grease, oil, and other toxic chemicals produced by cars. Also, other examples include viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems; road salts; heavy metals; and even pesticides from turf management and gardening. The street sweeping programs that are most effective will work to remove several tons of debris a year from city streets, which helps minimize pollutants that come from stormwater runoff.

In Conclusion

Do not let your pride stop you from hiring parking lot cleaning services to taker care of your lot. Not only will this help you have an attractive workplace exterior, but it will also help you to avoid having flooding whenever there is a storm. The last thing you want is for employees and visitors to get stuck in your parking lot because it has flooded due to a storm.

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