You and your husband were out shopping for a birthday gift for a friend. You both were hungry. He decides on Cracker Barrel. Fine. At this point, you just need food. You feel the hanger rising. The wait is at least 30 minutes. Nope, this is not going to be an option. At this point you are as far from your normal eating area as possible. You look on maps and he finds some cafe. Great let’s go. You are even more starving now. You pull in and something looks off. It does not look like a restaurant. Turns out, it is a cafe inside a shooting range. You never knew such a thing existed, but you decide that this will be fine. You just need food. You go in and they are only serving their Oktoberfest menu. Seriously?!? September is not even over yet. You tell your to just get you a brat. You sit down and see they have Fox News going on the television. So now you are sitting in a shooting range, eating German food, and watching Fox News. This is not how you saw your day going.
You later joked with your husband that the day he took you to what he thought was a romantic dinner in the shipping container restaurant was no longer the strangest place you have eaten.

Shipping Container Modifications Continue to Help Business Owners Solve Social Distancing Problems

When it comes to producing and managing trade shows, there can be many challenges that businesses need to tackle smartly in order to have successful events. The logistical challenges alone can require careful handling. One of the main challenges is setting up booths for the trade show displays. As a result, there are more and more companies who are looking at the shipping container modifications that can be made to create a more permanent, but relocatable, option for some shows. Likewise, these customized shipping container modifications are also helping other businesses solve the challenges they face.

Modified shipping containers are now used as pop up container bars, shipping container cafes, and temporary retail options. Selling everything from sportswear to food and drinks, companies that specialize in shipping container modifications are now in very high demand.

Fortunately there is a vast amount of containers themselves. Initially used to transport merchandise across land and water, these versatile and sturdy structures are easily retro fitted to meet a number of different needs. Offering one of its main advantages, durable, steel shipping containers average a lifespan of 25 years and require minimal maintenance. This means that an investment in a shipping container modification is one that will last for decades. And in a time when outdoor eating and shopping options are more safe, these containers offer a way for many small businesses to still remain competitive by finding ways to offer their services to consumers.

some of the most recent research indicates that there are currently over 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally, with the number of active shipping containers thought to be at more than five million. In total, these containers make around 200 million trips a year, according to Billie Box. Those containers that are traveling less, however, are the ones that are making the biggest impact on the lives that we now live as a result of the pandemic. Understanding that these containers can be permanent structures that can be moved from one temporary location to another has helped many businesses find a way to offer services and products that consumers once took for granted. Are shopping centers are seeing fewer and fewer customers, but the use of modified shipping containers allow many businesses to make sure that they are able to still find ways to connect to their fans, customers, and followers.

You might in the near future find yourself landing at some rather unusual spots as you seek out new lunch locations. Large sit down restaurants, especially when the weather is good, are just one dining option. More and more people are looking for more intimate and less populated take out and outdoor dining options. Where will your next lunch time adventure take you?

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