Finding a way to make a living today is more diverse than many times in the history of this country. As technology makes our lives easier, for example, there are a number of entrepreneurs who are finding a way to combine the use of digital skills and every day life. From the home delivery of everything from fast food to sit down dinners and from groceries to clothing, the window of convenience is a great way for entrepreneurs to find their niche.

If should come as no surprise then that there are a number of both small businesses and large corporations that are also changing the way they do business. As CEOS from small start up companies begin to offer their advice on how they market to consumers through technologies, large grocery stores are finding ways to deliver ever faster grocers to a home and connect other customers with the services that they desire.

You do not, of course, have to be considered an Entrepreneur of the Year to find a way to make a more than comfortable living. With a combination of your talent and your passion, you can find a way to combine your interests with the need of today’s consumers.

Small Businesses Drive America’s Economy

The latest research indicates that in the U.S. there are more than 30.2 million small businesses. And while only 50% of new businesses survive more than five years, there are another 50% that do. These kinds of businesses, although they may be small in size, actually create more than 60% of all new jobs. From services that help property owners complete the work they need to make sure that their homes and businesses are as comfortable and efficient as possible to those newest companies that are part of the sharing economy, finding a way to promote your ideas to potential customers is a great way to start chasing your dream.

Starting a business of your own and becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a combination of grit, creativity, and marketing.
Grit. The first thing that you need to be a successful entrepreneur is determination. Termed as grit by most people today, the motivation to stick with a project through not only the good times, but also the bas times is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to the success of a new business. If, however, you are more prone to paying someone wells to cover the weekend hours while you are away at a football game, you may find yourself struggling to stay ahead and to succeed. When you open your own business you often have to be willing to be the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave at the end of the day. Your grit is contagious and if you hire correctly the other employees will try to work to your level.

Creativity. Another important secret to succeeding in a new business is to provide goods or services that are not already available. Or in some cases, goods and services that are not as easy to access as consumers want. This is the part of being an entrepreneur that can be the most engaging. There is something very invigorating about following your creative passion and turning it into a career. Those business owners who love what they do and have a chance to use their own creativeness to serve others are the people who often find their jobs the most fulfilling, and with the combination of grit and marketing, the most successful.

Marketing. No matter how much grit you have and how creative you are, however, it is also important to make sure that you also make use of the latest marketing platforms to stay connected with current customers, while at the same time reach out to new potential clients. With the use of social media platforms, for instance, many small businesses are able to create an interactive, personal relationship with their customer base. Followers look forward to daily posts about new products or special offers on new services.
Today’s economy provides a number of ways for individual business owners to reach success.

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