Technology has advanced quite rapidly over the course of the last few years, this is a fact that simply cannot be denied. And with the advancement of technology seen here in the United States and in so many other places all throughout the world, there is no denying that there are more ways to communicate with one another – both on a personal and professional basis – than there have ever been before. And so it stands to reason that some people might feel that talking on the phone has grown to be out of date, so to speak, falling out of fashion as new modes of communication have become ever more commonplace.

Actually, however, this is far from the case. Many people still enjoy talking on the phone to one another for pleasure, as it can be easier and much more efficient to communicate via direct conversation than through text messages or even emails, where things like tone and intent cannot always be easily read. For customer service purposes, talking on the phone has remained important, and the professional answering service is still a key factor to any customer service department at just about any company or other such place of business all throughout the United States – and likely in places beyond it as well.

And the data that has been gathered on the importance of the professional answering service or even after hours phone service more than backs up these claims. It shows that more than three quarters of all people (around 79%, to be just a little bit more exact) even prefer talking on the phone to customer service representatives than any other kind of interactions that they might have with someone working in the customer service field. And as more than 90% of all people in the United States always have their phones within reach, getting ahold of people is truly an easy feat nowadays, barring a few circumstances, of course.

But there are certainly a number of things that any professional answering service will need to be cautious of when conducting phone calls and customer service. From the doctor answering service to the typical business answering service or commercial answering service, a professional answering service should always be looking to connect with its customers as much as is possible – and on as much of a human level as is possible as well. After all, empathy and emotion are two of the most important factors for anyone who works for a professional answering service to possess – and it is for these reasons that heavily scripted calls on the behalf of the employees are typically not ideal and will not convey the sense of caring that customers need to hear.

And when a customer service experience is a good one, loyal customers are often formed for the long term, often even for many years to come. In fact, excellent customer service often leads more than half of all customers (around two thirds of them, to be a bit more precise) to spend nearly 15% more money (13%, to, again, be more exacting) than they otherwise would have spent on that shopping trip. And the benefits of good customer service don’t stop there – for many people, a good customer service experience will keep them coming back to the company in question time and time again, providing that having a professional answering service is more than worth it for just about any business establishment out there here in the United States.

It’s also important for customer service divisions to be able to solve problems quickly, or at least get them quickly transferred to someone who is able to solve them, if the customer service department themselves is not really readily able to do so. After all, this is the key thing that people are looking for, above everything and anything else, when they call any given professional answering service for any given business or company here in the United States. With a competent answering services team, this goal is more than possible for business throughout the United States.

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