Have you ever dreamed of launching your own skincare line? Maybe you’ve looked at the beauty packaging on the shelves of your local Walmart and thought “huh, I could do better.” Well, you totally can! Building a beauty brand is just a great idea away, and you could be the next to launch a successful line of makeup, hair care products, or skincare remedies. There are quite a few steps in the process of building up a beauty brand from scratch, but this video helps to outline a few tips and tricks to get your product made just the way you want.

Working with contract manufacturers is a big part of developing a line of products, as they are the ones that will ultimately mass produce your idea! It’s important to communicate your product vision clearly and the look that you are trying to achieve with your design. This is deeply intertwined with logos, color schemes, and fonts.

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You should be able to give an overview of the aesthetic you are looking for, down to the bottle or container shape. You may be going for a simple and elegant look, or more of a poppy vibrant one. Each decision matters when your product is finally created.


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