Scan receipt

The International Data Corporation states that 95 percent of business information is on paper and the average worker prints out 45 pages of paper a day. However, with a digital filing system in place, it will be easier to reduce paper use. In addition to a filing system, using a business card reader to scan business cards as well as receipts can help to reduce clutter and help employees follow up on leads much sooner. The Wall Street Journal found that the average worker in the US loses an hour and a half a day searching for lost information on messy desks and in files. With a business card reader many of these papers can be scanned as soon as they are received, helping to prevent lost paperwork. Choosing the best business card scanner will help make the transition to a cloud based company much easier to handle.

A recent survey stated that 50 percent of the 500 IT decision makers that were surveyed said that business agility was the number one reason for adopting cloud applications. When a digital filling system is used with a business card reader, you can easily make the transition. Finding a company that can supply you with all the laptop scanners and portable scanners that you could need will allow all employees to have a device to scan paperwork. A portable scanner can be used at a desk or taken on the road to scan all paperwork as needed.

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