Steve Jobs started Apple Computers from a garage. If you recently built a garage or storage shed, open those new garage doors to these six small business ideas in this video by How to Assistant:

1. Drop-shipper: Your garage can serve as a hub for last-mile shipping services.

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Receive and temporarily store local delivery packages and provide shipping and postage labels, boxes, and packing materials.
2. Instructor: Set up a dance, yoga, or martial arts studio by finishing your garage floor and adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors to one wall.
3. Computer Repair: A workbench and a few precision tools will allow you to repair computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices.
4. Tech Support: Set up a multiple-line phone system and a server farm so that you and a few employees can provide 24/7 support services.
5. Recycling: A pickup truck and a trailer allow you to run ahead of the trash trucks picking up old appliances to disassemble. Remove and sort the recyclable or reusable parts in your garage to resell.
6. Soap or Candle Maker: Provide yourself with tables, molds, supplies, and a heat source to melt wax or fats. Bring your favorite crafts to life while making solid profits,.

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