Paper has existed for many centuries, widely believed to be developed in ancient China. Ever since then, paper and parchment have proven universally useful for creating documents, maps, personal correspondence, business reports, and much more. This continues well into the modern age, and not even the rise of the Internet and computers has made paper obsolete. Certainly, computers and the Internet offer some advantages that paper cannot offer, but in most cases, an office will make use of paper and the Internet alike. This means that offices and businesses today need wholesale paper suppliers on hand, and these wholesale paper companies may provide envelopes in bulk, shimmer paper, cardstock wholesale supplies, and more. A company may make good use of envelopes in bulk, for example, for its clients and customers, and paper mail is more effective than many people may realize. Thus, companies will invest in envelopes in bulk to keep their customers happy and well informed.

The Perks of Paper

Not only is paper still useful in the face of the Internet and computers, but in fact paper offers some distinct advantages over digital media. To put it simply, American consumers and other people may suffer burnout on this media. Today, adults and children alike are bombarded with television and Internet ads and videos, blogs, social media posts and accounts, e-mails, websites, and more. These things have their purpose, to be sure, but after a point they may become exhausting. Many adult Americans suffer from cluttered and confusing e-mail inboxes, and some important e-mails may get lost in the digital noise. Many Americans have more e-mail subscriptions than they really mean to have, and this adds up fast. Some e-mail inboxes may be considered entirely hopeless by their owners. Finally, digital media is sometimes abused and exploited, and many people are aware of online scams and computer viruses from shady senders. Phishing scams trick people into giving away personal information, such as creating a false e-mail imitating a person’s bank. Computer viruses in shady e-mail attachments or links may steal information, spread to other computers, and even ruin an entire computer.

Paper avoids all of this. No one’s eyes dry out from looking at paper the way they do looking at screens, and what is more, paper will never contain a computer virus or spyware of any kind. Sending phishing scams by paper would be too expensive and clunky for most scam artists to attempt, so paper mail is often legitimate. What is more, a person may be choosier about what paper mail subscriptions they get, so even counting utility or phone bills, a physical mailbox won’t be so cluttered as an e-mail one. And what is more, paper mail has been proven to have a positive mental impact on people who get it. Paper can be touched with one’s hands and even has a scent, which appeal to the human body’s senses. Being tangible to the senses makes paper mail easier to remember and keep track of than digital mail, as some studies have shown. A business may enjoy good customer relations if it sends out paper mail to them, and getting regular paper mail won’t feel overwhelming like getting bombarded with irrelevant and possibly shady e-mails.

Paper at the Office

An office will order envelopes in bulk, printer paper, card stock, and more for the benefit of its employees and customers and clients alike. Employees at the office may make use of paper memos, personnel files, financial reports, plans, and more, and customers will receive paper mail in paper envelopes. A company will establish relations with local paper wholesale suppliers and specify what sort of paper, and in what quantity, it will need. Regular shipments may then be made, and longtime customers might even get discounts or special deals. Sales professionals at the paper supplier will know how to keep their longtime wholesale customers happy.

Paper builds up in the office, and every so often, it may become excessive in quantity, and that causes problems. Excess paper means that documents may be lost or misfiled, so scanner crews may be hired to digitally scan those documents and upload them for the company’s use. Then the paper copies can be shredded and recycled.

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