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Did you know that many people consider their keyboards to have way more germs than toilet seats? Did you know that workplace environments are some of the most hazardous when it comes to physical health? Did you know that those shared workspaces–desks, elevators, counters–have millions of germs, many of them harmful?

Those may not surprise you. It stands to reason that when any number of people share a space, whether at home or at the job, there is a likelihood that germs will spread quickly, especially in the common areas. Unfortunately, that does not make it any easier to work in that environment, especially if you are someone who is prone to sickness.

Here are some of the ugly statistics surrounding germ-filled workplaces:

  • On average, office phones have over 25,000 germs per square inch.
  • Work desks have way more germs than office toilets–up to 400 times more germs.
  • The average keyboard, chair, and computer mouse harbor some 21,000 germs per square inch.

This is unfortunate, especially in today’s sped-up workforce, where one in three people go to work when they are sick, from anything like the common cold to influenza to other contagious diseases. It has become an almost modus operandi–work harder, even when you’re sick.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can keep yourself safe in the workplace even with all these germs.

Tip 1: Clean Your Space

There is very little that is frustrating more than someone messing with your stuff even when they’re sick. Whether it’s the constant coughing or constant sneezing or simply using your devices without your consent or knowledge, someone will spread germs across your work space.

So, the simple solution? Clean it. That means regularly. Use a powerful disinfectant to clean keyboards, counters, seats, computer mouses, the office phone, equipment, and much much more. When it comes time again (and make it a weekly routine, either at the beginning or end of the week), clean it all over again. Make sure to hit all the spots not seen.

Tip 2: Wash Your Hands Repeatedly

Yet another solution when it comes to keeping yourself free of germs comes with that all-important handshake, which predominates business culture. First: Wash your hands before you go to work, or even after you first arrive. It goes for more than just using the bathroom. People’s hands have germs. Make sure to protect yourself from them.

If you’re in doubt whether a person is sick or not, consider heading to the bathroom to wash your hand. Make sure to rinse with warm to hot water. Lather up generously on the soap. Make sure to wipe your hands with a clean paper towel. Pursue this option especially if you have a team or new client meeting.

Tip 3: Hire a Janitorial Service

This one is for keeps. If you feel like your office has become a cauldron of germs that are festering within keyboards, on the walls, on the elevator, in the dining area, and much much more, consider hiring a janitorial or commercial cleaning service. Janitorial cleaning services will do more than just clean. They will:

  • Make sure your office is stocked with all necessary goods
  • Make sure the main areas are disinfected, using cleaning supplies
  • Spray disinfectant in the air to make sure the airways in your office arean’t polluted
  • Now, take the following scenario. Imagine instead of working in an office, you work outdoors, maybe at a construction site. The outdoors lends itself easily to germs and you are working with just a hardhat, some steel-toed boots, and leather gloves. What will you do then about your cleaning needs?

    It is possible, in that scenario, to find some professional construction site cleaners. Professional construction site cleaners are well-versed in the challenges facing construction sites, which sometimes can go far beyond germs. Unnecessary debris, nails that have slipped, screws that are halfway done can all pose hazards.

    Professional construction site cleaners offer the opportunity to clean your construction site and make sure it is safe for workers. Having debris can be a difficulty on a construction site and a safety hazard. Just like germs can be. Professional construction site cleaners can aid in the cleanliness of your construction environment.

    When in doubt, always protect yourself from illness or accidents. A cleaner may do you good, for you, and your coworkers.

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