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The product packaging manufacturers in this country have some very specific goals. They want to provide a means for providing quality, safety, and innovation to their consumers, while at the same time providing their clients customization capabilities as well as the latest technology. From plastic bottle design and engineering to the latest packaging innovations, the product packaging manufacturers continue to expand their offerings of plastic molding technologies, custom molding, custom bottle printing, and a variety of other custom bottle packaging options. Consumers hope that they can find the products they need in a safe and reassuring package, while individual companies hope that they provide this reassurance to their clients in packages that are successfully branded and easily recognized.
While many of the product and packaging safety requirements are required and monitored by federal agencies, individual companies hope that they are are able to use the innovative printing and molding techniques that are offered by distributors to present a product that is easy to recognize. So easy to recognize, in fact, that consumers will return time and again to the same product.
Custom Blow Molding Services Offer Their Clients a Variety of Unique Products That Meet Federal Safety Standards
It may be the old adage that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that many products are indeed judged by their packaging. From the most recognizable brands to the safest ways to distribute medications to homes with small children, how a package appears and how it functions can be in direct correlation to a product’s success or failure.

  • Packaging and containers, of all industries, have the highest rate of recovery by recycling, sitting at 39.9%.
  • Almost 1.8 billion pounds of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles were recycled in the year 2013. Labeled with the PET is the plastic labeled with the #1 code, this is one of the most easily recycled plastic and is accepted at just about all recycling programs in the U.S.
  • Careful attention to the safety of medication packaging is something that we now take for granted. These safety products, however, are the result of the product packaging manufacturers dealing with past legislation and customer demand.
  • Keeping products both sterile and sealed is the goal of many of the products produced by product packaging manufacturers.
  • As many as 1.02 billion pounds of plastics including rigid containers were recycled in the year 2012. This number is triple the amount of recycling of rigid containers in 2007.
  • Getting the product to the consumer in a safe and reliable package is important to the producers of many products.
  • Estimates indicate that the U.S. cosmetic packaging industry has a $13.3 billion market value in the U.S.
  • Despite the view that plastics are dangerous to the environment, packaging experts estimate that each pound of plastic packaging is capable of reducing food waste by up to 1.7 pounds.

  • With an increasing number of products that are introduced into the market every day, the global market for flexible packaging is forecast to grow substantially. In fact, with an annual average rate of increases of 3.4% during the time between 2015 and 2020, it will reach $248 billion.
  • In America alone, we hold some 40% of the global pharmaceutical market.
  • There are more than 1,100 emergency calls every day about a young child getting into medicine or getting too much medicine by accident. Obviously, child-resistant containers can help reduce these frightening numbers.
  • How many bottles and containers do you have in your home right now? Based on that answer, it may come as no surprise that bottles and containers comprise 53% of HDPE packaging products and 38% of all HDPE products. These increasingly popular HDPE bottles and containers began displacing heavier metal, paper, and glass packages in the 1970s.

  • Crnell University study results indicate that their test subjects poured out an average of 8% too little or 12% too much medication on a regular basis. Studies indicate that dosage cups can help eliminate these problems.
  • An estimated 9,400 curbside collection programs and 10,000 drop-off programs in the U.S. collect PET plastic.
  • Realizing that 82% of American adults take at least one medication and that 29% take five or more makes it easy to understand the importance of safe packaging.
  • Every package sends a message

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