E-commerce packaging and subscription packaging

Darn that catchy logo!
Why does the logo of your daughter’s favorite clothing company have to be so recognizable?
You thought that you were finished with your Christmas shopping. It is not even the first week of December, but you were expecting the delivery of the last gift on your list sometime this week. The gift arrived on time and it would have been the last thing that you bought to put under the tree, but the well designed custom branded packaging was going to wreck one of your biggest surprises.
Because the box was delivered to your front porch while you were out running errands, you did not have a chance to get the box inside the house before you returned home from picking your daughter up from school. If you would have been thinking you could have approached your house from the opposite direction. The fact that you drove by the front porch, however, gave your daughter the one second it took to see the box and its easily recognizable logo. She knew what was inside. The puffer coat she had asked for. You told her it was too expensive of a request, but you had decided to splurge and order it. Now the surprise was ruined. She would still love the gift, but you would miss out on that early Christmas morning surprise.
Retail Packaging Can Help You Increase Your Company’s Product Recognition
Some custom branded packaging is so unique that you really can recognize it with just a simple glance of a box on the front porch. From the custom printed packaging that includes simple outline sketches of recognizable foods for a home meal delivery service to instantly recognizable sports logos on shoe boxes, some custom branded packaging is so recognizable that it serves as a constant advertisement. For instance, you may think to your self, maybe I should try that one meal service that delivers all of the ingredients for delicious meals to your door because even my neighbor does it and she is a great cook who is economical. Or you might think maybe I should get my son those basketball shoes that he wants because I can tell three of the people I saw at the mall had bought the exact kind. They must be the hot item.
Instant product recognition.
It is what most retailers dream of, even though few of them really achieve it. Working with an ad agency or marketing team, however, you might be able to create custom branded packaging that is so distinct that it will help increase your product’s exposure.
Custom Product Packaging for the Holidays Can Create a Following
Not to mention any names, but do you stop at a coffee shop to get a certain kind of latte or specialty coffee on the way to work? If so, have you ever found yourself looking forward to the customized holiday cups that they serve their drinks in during the months of November and December? Were you one of the many people who were really disappointed when they switched from their traditional green to red for last year’s cups? Were you thrilled this year, though, when the green returned and they included a rotating series of customer created doodles?
Package recognition does not happen just with food brands, athletic shoes, and coffee chains. In fact, several businesses and products have gotten quite good at creating a sort of cult following for their packaging. It is interesting, for instance, that some companies can turn their basic burrito wrapping papers and fountain drink cups into something that customers actually look forward to reading. Through the use of creative writing teams, however, combined with their recognizable logo and simple bags, these companies have found a way to advertise and engage customers at the same time.
Corrugated packaging is the largest segment of the packaging industry. The fact that more than 1,500 box plants in North America make this product, however, does not mean that your company’s corrugated box has to look like everyone else’s. Sure, it may cost a little more to imprint your recognizable logo on the box, but that package printing may decrease the amount of money that you have to spend on future advertising, including newspaper advertising and other traditional methods. Read more about this topic at this link.

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