This video is all about the commercial fabrication of a commercial range hood. Commerical fabrication can be froth with challenges. In some cases, the preliminary design and the finished product are not the same and changes need to be made. This video takes you through the process of creating a commercial range and making adjustments after the owner realized that the hood was too large for the space.

This fabrication shop manages the entire process from design to surface preparation to equipment installation, and yes, to corrections that need to be made because of unexpected changes that come up. Learn about the difference between the front end design and the back end design of the hood and why they are different.

Watch as this professional works the sheet metal to install the lighting. Watch the equipment that is used to cut the hood, mold the hood, and create the different parts of the hood system. If you enjoy watching how things are made you will really enjoy this video. Watch the step-by-step process of completing a range hood from start to finish with corrections. Watch now.

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