Industrial dry steamcleaner

If you or your business has been looking for a better way to clean, you should consider investing in dry ice blasting equipment for cleaning needs. Dry ice blasting is a great method for those with allergies, high traffic, food manufacturing companies, and more. Universities, food processing plants, and a host of other diverse industries can all use dry ice blasting equipment to get the type of sanitation they need without harmful chemicals. It’s becoming one of the more popular conveyor belt cleaners, as is the use of steam cleaning systems. Indeed, steam is a great method of cleaning and treating a variety of surfaces or pest problems — a multi-tasking wonder! For businesses that need to keep up their sanitation levels and are looking for effective and holistic solutions, dry ice blasting and steam cleaning should be two options they consider.
What’s the Issue With Sanitation?
Of course we hope that most public places are kept relatively clean, but corners can always be cut. There are so many things that can go wrong if sanitation standards are not met. For places like hospitals, restaurants, and food processing industries, germs or bacteria can have huge impacts on the people they serve. Unsafe food can be caused from a myriad of problems, such as biological contaminants, like microorganisms (bacteria, etc.,), chemical contaminants, such as cleaning solvents or pest control, or physical contaminants like hair, dirt, or other materials. By cleaning regularly, businesses can help control unsanitary conditions. And since the Centers for Disease Control report that one out of six Americans gets sick from eating or drinking contaminated material every year, that’s a big deal! The CDC also reports that almost 100,000 people pass away annually because of diseases they’ve contracted inside a hospital. It’s clear that more severe sanitation regulations need to be implemented and businesses need to come up to speed on the best way to effectively sanitize.
What Is the Dry Ice Blasting Method and What Can It Be Used For?
Dry ice blasting is done using a system that makes a high temperature, low moisture vapor. The vapor should have only five to six percent of water and be less dense than the air we breathe everyday. The dry ice blasts against the material that needs to be removed and helps remove it from the surface. The dry ice then will convert into carbon dioxide gas and vanish into the atmosphere, without a trace. No more icky chemicals! This is a great way to get rid of tricky adhesives like tar, decals, soot, resins, ink, and even grease! Mildew and mold can also be prevented from coming back, since the dry ice won’t turn into water or vapor that can help generate mold or mildew growth. With the right dry ice blasting equipment, say goodbye to all those tough adhesives!
Tell Me About Industrial Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaning systems are so popular partly because they leave almost no mess behind. The chemical residues are eliminated while the steam sanitizes the surface being treated and there’s only one and a half quarts of water being used per hour. Research has also shown that superheated steam cleaned faucet handles and paper towel dispenser handles had a tenth as many germs afterwards as opposed to being cleaned with more traditional methods, like chemical cleaners. Indeed, steam has a proven success rate of 99%, killing common household germs and bacteria, such as E. Coli, salmonella, and staph. It can also help eliminate dust mites and bed bugs effectively. (Steam is actually one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs — it’ll kill them up to 2-3/8” into a gap and is extremely effective when bugs are on the surface of an item.) It’s another fairly environmentally friendly way of cleaning and can be done in any sized space.
Consider investing in dry ice blasting equipment or industrial steaming equipment, if you’re in need of more heavy duty cleaners. You can improve your sanitation and cleanliness regime greatly, which looks good for you and your business, and will keep customers and inspectors happy as well!

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