Chartering a jet or other private aircraft is expensive, right? Well, perhaps, but it’s important to examine the fringe benefits of a private plane charter, too.

The Cost To Charter A Jet
Charter flight pricing is typically calculated by the flight-hour, or the amount of time spent flying. Charter quotes typically run between $1,000 and $9,000 per flight-hour, depending on the type of aircraft you’re chartering from small-cabin turboprops to large cabin jets. There is usually a minimum number of hours, often 2 hours.
There are, however, several reasons that it might be worth footing the bill for a chartered flight.

The VIP Private Jet
Let’s face it, having a seat on a privately chartered flight makes you feel cool. This feeling isn’t always worth paying for, but in some circumstances and ego boost is worth the expense. If you’re sending a team to make an important presentation or an individual into a key negotiation, giving them a confidence boost on their way could be the difference between a good deal and a great one.

Alternatively, hiring a private jet charter for potential clients can show them how important their business is to you. It’s also a way of showing the stability and success of a company able to charter a private aircraft. Any good salesperson will tell you that optics are important, and in some cases could be worth shelling out a few thousand extra dollars to achieve.

The Working Private Flight
Everyone has had the experience of sitting near someone disruptive on a commercial flight. The crying baby, the talkative neighbor, the smelly foods, rustling paper… even the in-flight movie can be a distraction keeping someone from getting work done. Not only that, but a 2009 survey found that respondents said they’re as much as 20% more productive on a private aircraft than in the office.

Don’t let your crack team get disgruntled on a cheap commercial flight if you get them to their destination well-rested. Don’t have them watching The Incredibles with their six-year-old neighbor when they could be polishing their presentation, or brushing up on contract details on a private plane charter.

The Private Charter as a Convenience

This is probably the reason that is used most often to reserve a private plane charter, but also maybe the least worthwhile. You can charter a flight directly to an airport, or landing strip, that a commercial flight wouldn’t go, or at a time they wouldn’t go. Maybe you scheduled something across the country on short notice and can’t get a commercial flight without a layover.
Sure, a private jet flight can get you out of this tough situation, but it is an expensive way to make up for poor planning.
It’s not always about the bottom line. At the end of the quarter, you want your bottom line to be great, but sometimes expenditures in the right places and at the right times can give your team, and your business, an edge on the competition.

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