Purple heart donations

Summer is finally here but unfortunately it will pass by quicker than the blink of an eye. In hardly no time at all, we will all be preparing for the long winter and the centuries before the next day of nice weather. Because it currently is the summer and there is still a decent amount of time until it’s cold again, now is the perfect time to start thinking about used clothing donations and other charitable donations.

A lot of people take advantage of used clothing donations while they are cleaning out their house during spring cleaning. That makes sense because people are looking in closets and rooms that they haven’t seen in a while, they notice old clothes, and chose not to keep them or throw them away.

But donating that close to summer, although a good thing to do and certainly helpful, it doesn’t help too much for the brutal winter that unfortunate people have just endured.

Used clothing donations during the middle of summer or towards the end, however, is the perfect time to donate because that gives charity organizations plenty of time to plan for the winter. Poor families and homeless people could benefit greatly from winter coats, long pants, blankets, scarfs, gloves, warm socks, and just about anything else that can be used to help them stay as warm as possible during the cold winter.

We have to do more to protect our own kind. We are all humans on this planet and just because someone is a little less fortunate than others doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be helped. Donating clothes to families and individuals in need will make you feel like you’re making a difference because you truly are.

You are helping them get though this difficult time in their life and are potentially saving their life if the winters are particularly brutal. Braving the long winter months with the same clothes a person wore all summer is a certain recipe for sickness. Help these less fortunate people as much as you can — it could change their lives for the better.

Another added benefit of donating clothes and other goods to charities is that it’s actually good for the environment. Rather than throwing out pounds and pounds of clothing — which Americans do by the millions — donating these items can ensure that they are being reused for a good cause. Get more here.

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