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Servicemen and women are celebrated all over the world for their sacrifices, but one major challenge they face once they return home is readjusting to civilian life. Not only is that an issue for the veterans themselves, but also their family. Most veterans families undergo emotional toll, especially if their loved one return with a disability that seems to be a liability.

Getting employed after years of military service is usually difficult for most veterans. This is one issue that may lead to other distress such as psychological trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship wrangles and homelessness. When these problems are not managed carefully, with or without expert help, they often lead to suicide.

Fortunately, with numerous charity foundations and non–profit organizations around the world, veterans and their families can now find support. One organization that is helping further this course is known as Purple Heart. For many years now this organization has helped thousands of veterans fit back into their community by meeting their basic but essential needs. Purple heart veterans pick up program allows both individuals and organizations to contribute different kinds of donations such as household items, electronics, kitchen ware, books, shoes, toys, clothing, among others.

Purple Heart charity foundation will organize donation programs and liaise other agencies in supporting veterans and their families. The following are some of the efforts support offered by Purple Heart foundation.

Purple heart clothing donation
There are approximately 4.7 billion pounds of clothing donated to charities by Americans each year. This is facilitated through purple heart veterans pick up and drop off services, which allows people to generously donate items they no longer use. In conjunction with other agencies, Purple Heart is able to mobilize donations through pickups where you pack your contributions and schedule a pickup point. In addition, the foundation has several drop off points where you can donate at your convenience. However, it’s good to note that any charitable donations whether household items or clothing donations, worth more than $250 will require a tax receipt. This will be given to you after donations have been received.

Legal support
Other than tangible donations, Purple Heart helps veterans get legal help when they need. In cases where a veteran is filing a claim for the damages and injuries sustained, an attorney will be provided to help with the court case. They also offer legislative support in laws and policies affecting veterans.

Research and assistance
Sometimes all that the veterans need is emotional healing. This is something that Purple Heart is good at. They offer assistance in handling issues like traumatic brain injury, sexual abuse, substance abuse, post traumatic stress and other psychological concerns.

These support programs are designed to help veterans recover and prosper while actively participating in the every aspect of their community. The important thing is that you can participate in helping military families. If you have anything to donate, purple heart veterans pick up will help to get your donation reach the right person in need.

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