Health and safety software

The environment has become a major concern worldwide. Finally, people are beginning to realize that if we don’t take care of the environment now, there won’t be a world to worry about in the future. Due to these newfound concerns, major companies are required to follow certain environmental compliance regulations. This is especially true for companies that work with chemicals that can negatively affect the environment if improperly managed. However, these aren’t the only regulations that companies are required to follow. Employee safety is another thing to be considered with, as is quality control. Environmental and safety concerns are among the many reason why quality software and safety software have become fixtures in the world of manufacturing, as well as many other industries. This can be known as OSHA reporting software. With the help of OSHA reporting software, employees can anonymously report concerns without feeling like their jobs are at risk. This in turn helps the companies address important issues and fix them. Why is that this software is so valuable? Well, unfortunately, without them employees often don’t feel like their jobs are safe. Should they report directly to their supervisors and managers, they may feel as if they’re risking negative consequences. Let’s look into how OSHA reporting software can be a valuable part of environmental compliance and employee safety programs.

Reporting: The Risks And Realities

Of course, it isn’t legal for a person to be fired or demoted simply because they reported concerns to upper management. But the reality is that this does happen, and the connection can be difficult to prove. In fact, a total of 45% of employees don’t feel comfortable reporting their concerns to peers and supervisors. This is why many employees feel safer if they’re able to report their concerns anonymously. OSHA reporting software makes this much simpler, and for that matter more efficient. Rather than having to go through a big meeting — subject to human error — an employee can simply report through a computer. It also tends to be easier to express your concerns accurately if you’re able to type it out. Reporting verbally is subject to natural problems like nerves. Should you report through a software system, you can type and think over your words carefully. This leads to an overall more comfortable and accurate report.

Work Concerns: Do People Actually Care?

Before implementing software systems like these, many employers often question whether or not they actually work. This is understandable; after all, it can be difficult to quantify the effectiveness of any software system until it is first used. But the fact is that many different people are very likely to use systems like these — they have good reason. Employees notice more than many employers might think; and for that matter, they are more concerned than anyone could imagine. After all, 75% of employees report that feeling safe and comfortable in their workplace is important to them — though perhaps that should go without saying. Employees want to make a difference. An estimated 43% of employees want to give feedback to their EHS system. It’s important to remember that many employees aren’t just worried about their own safety, or how feedback directly affects them for that matter. Half of all surveyed employees care about things like their company’s water and energy conservation efforts, access to recycling, and whether or not the company considers seriously its impact on the environment.

The Upper Level: How Reporting Software Helps Management

Lower level employees aren’t the only ones positively affected by reporting software. In many companies, any employee can use reporting software, no matter what level they’re at. But when a lower level employee makes a report, it helps the upper level employees change whatever isn’t working. This means that the company will be at less risk of liability should an incident occur — and for that matter, that there will be less risk of incident, period.

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