Powder coatings and other kinds of liquid coating services are in high demand as the nation continues to deal with the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic. Powder coatings have provided many advantages for years, but during the heightened sense of these days for the need to be safe and healthy they are even more important. By providing a surface that is easy to sanitize while at the same time look great, powder coatings are an increasing popular application.
From schools to hospitals to manufacturing plants to businesses, it is important that employers find a way to create not only age environments, but also environments that can be efficiently cleaned and sanitized. Of course, in addition to being easily sanitized many of the latest powder coating services provide a textured product that looks great as well. Initially, the global powder coatings market value was expected to reach $12.48 billion by the end of the year 2020. Given the current needs of the pandemic, however, there is an increasing likelihood that these numbers will be even bigger than expected. Other statistics indicated that between the years 2016 and 2021, coating industry demand would rise an average of 3% per year in the U.S. Those numbers are also expected to increase.

Professional Powder Coating and Sandblasting Services Are Needed Now More Than Ever Before
Although the latest research indicates that aerosol transmission is far more likely than transmission through surfaces, there are few people who think that public spaces will undergo any less scrutiny in the near future. For this reason alone, it is likely that investing in easy to clean, sanitize, and maintain powder coatings and other kinds of liquid coating services will become the new standard. New products are being promoted daily from many retailers who are trying to capitalize on the fact that Americans are more and more concerned about finding a way to stay healthy. And while many of these products are new and virtually untested, there is years of research and evidence that speaks to the effectiveness of some kinds of surfaces. Decoration and protection are the tow primary functions of the coatings industry. Using these techniques in a wider range of surfaces will likely provide a more thorough way for many employers to create safer environments for their workers. Using techniques and technologies that my have in the past only been used in health care settings will allow schools, public government buildings, and many other places be easier to maintain.

By definition, powder coatings are considered to be 100% solids, but do not require solvents in their formulation as are needed in liquid coatings. In fact, powder coating is such a popular dry finishing process that it now represents more than 15% of the total industrial finishing market. From an environmental standpoint, powder coatings are free of solvents and have negligible volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which makes them environmentally friendly, an attribute that has been in increasingly high demand. Initially it was the healthcare industry and the appliance production industry that fueled much of the growth in the coatings industries. For example, the appliance industry makes up the largest part of the powder coating market dominating about 33% of all industrial parts that are powder coated. Today, however, these same techniques are finding their way into many other kinds of environments. From schools to public government buildings, it is increasingly likely that these may to clean, maintain, and sanitize surfaces are being created.

Both medical doctors and scientists are quick to warn the public that getting through the Covid 19 pandemic is only part of the current goal. As a nation, we also need to be prepared for future viruses and full blown pandemics that will require even more vigilance. Switching out absorbent surfaces with surfaces that can be coated with powder finishes is just one of the transition the nation needs to make as we move forward.

Staying healthy has rarely been more challenging, but with the technologies that are available many people hope that they are able to create the kinds of environments that all give everyone a chance to return to some kind of normal in the future.

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