Everyone has been a customer at some point. We all know what it is like to expect a certain level of service, especially in regards to the hard-earned money that is being spent on the goods and services of any given business. And in fact the strategy of most companies is to provide customer satisfaction by catering to the expressed needs and desires of those customers, both new and returning alike.

But what many people do not consider about the ideal customer experience is the work that goes into providing it. Not everyone has been on the other side of the exchange. And though it should be common sense to treat everyone you encounter with the respect that every fellow human being deserves, it seems that not everyone remembers that. What the ideal should be is that both the customer and the company work together to reach the ultimate goal, satisfying everyone involved.

The role of the customer

Some people may view their responsibility as a customer to simply be shopping around for the best products or services, and maybe reviewing the customer experience after the fact. But in order to make the most of the system, the same goal of polite interactions and transactions that end in satisfaction should apply to each individual involved. It is quite basic, if you think about it. If you are demeaning or rude to someone, how likely are they going to be to do everything in their power to help you? Chances are, not too likely. Even if you are not entirely pleased with a particular aspect of the service, there are ways, as with anything in life, to get your point across and communicate clearly in an appropriate manner.

The role of the company

Of course, as the professional in the situation, the company or individuals representing the company have a job to do, and that includes working toward ensuring customer service satisfaction. While it would be nice if there were never any difficult customers, it does illustrate the strength, patience, creativity, and appreciation of the business and its employees when the ability to peacefully and satisfactorily resolve any issues is proven. Training your employees to be well versed in customer experience services will reap great rewards in the form of loyal returning customers and more profit.

The importance of a strong customer service team

So it has been established that the best customer service interactions are those where everyone involved is working together to reach the best solution. But there is a reason that there is such a strong focus for businesses on the ?customer is always right? line of thinking and employee training. One study showed that the value of customer loyalty can equal ten times the value of just one purchase. That may be hard to believe, but not when you see the bigger picture. When happily returning customers continue to be satisfied, they will likely speak highly of the company elsewhere, bringing in even more business by word of mouth.

There are plenty of customer service horror stories. At least 78% of consumers have given up on making a purchase or continuing a transaction as a result of poor customer service. And over the course of just one year, 67% of people have terminated a phone call with aggravation over the fact that they were unable to speak to an actual person as opposed to a recording or automated machine. In the eyes of the business, that is a lot of potential money down the drain.

There is no reason that the customer experience can?t be a good one for everyone. Whatever your role is in the interaction, do your part to make it a pleasant one.

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