Did you know that Tungsten was discovered about 236 years ago, but was not actually used in any industry until another 15 years later? Tungsten is a chemical element that is often used in the production of heavy metals and alloy. It also has applications in chemicals, such as being a high-temperature lubricant and as well as a catalyst for hydrodesulfurization. Tungsten is an interesting chemical element in that there are only 1.25 grams of tungsten for every 1,000 kilograms of Earth’s crust. It is also twice as dense as steel.

Here are some more interesting facts about this interesting chemical element!

1. It has a really high melting point

In fact, tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal in pure form. It is used in a lot of electronics for this reason. These items include light bulbs, a cathode-ray tube, and vacuum tube filaments. Tungsten’s high melting point also makes it a prime element to use for aerospace technology, as well as electrical and heating applications.

2. What is a molybdenum evaporation boat?

A molybdenum evaporation boat can be made with tungsten or a mix of tungsten and other metals such as molybdenum or molybdenum-lanthanum. These “boats” are used with a capacitor and nuclear fuel sinters. These are just a couple of applications of tungsten and molybdenum evaporation boats. They can also be used for machine parts that are high-temperature.

Tungsten manufacturing techniques allow for this brittle-at-room-temperature metal to be made into materials that can be used for machines, conducting electricity, and other applications. Tungsten crucibles are great for electron beam equipment.

3. Other interesting facts

Tungsten is very dense and just about impossible to melt. It is also a metal that can be made into a very fine dust and can combust. The Royal Society of Chemistry reports that Chinese porcelain markers used tungsten pigment, which gave a peachy color to the products made by artists. Most tungsten is found in China, South Korea, Bolivia, Great Britain, Russia, and Portugal. In the U.S., it can be found in California and Colorado.

As you can see, tungsten is a great chemical element that can be used for a variety of different applications. Have you ever manufactured with tungsten? Let us know how your company benefited in the comment below.

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