Crane rental services

When it comes to the continued development of society, the potential that exists, both within each human being individually and as a functioning community as a whole, to bring new dreams, inventions and progress to the table is astounding. As the dominant species on the planet, we have certainly made our mark. The Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Statue of Liberty. And those are just a few of the countless physical representations, not to mention the many works of art and scientific discovery, as well as medical and technological advancements, among so much more.

Exterior commercial concrete work makes a lasting mark

One clear indicator of human genius, capability, and skill is evidenced in well built structures. From the foundation to the frame to any exterior commercial concrete work, there is a stark contrast between a well built city and untouched nature. We have learned to extract, manipulate, command, and control just about any substance that can somehow benefit us and our continued growth. And the perfectly placed and manicured exterior commercial concrete work in downtown areas and surrounding businesses where so many people work is nowhere near the furthest extent of what could be developed or discovered or built in the future.

Encouraging a shift in moving forward

Humans are constantly building. Whether we are using a crane service to top off a skyscraper, or agricultural equipment for farm irrigation systems, there are constant developments in the systems that we use. But much of that development has come at a pretty steep price, as the planet has been pillaged for its natural resources. If we continue to attempt to grow at such a fast rate, without taking the health of the planet into consideration, we are going to push ourselves closer to extinction or at least to seeing the fall of society, with still so much to imagine, discover, and invent. But there is still time to change things, and wind energy could be the thing to do it.

What’s the story with wind energy?

Currently, wind energy produces enough power for about 1.6 million homes, but if we invest in the development of wind energy production, by 2020 that number could jump to 25 million homes being powered by wind energy each year. Wind energy is efficient, and just think of the harmful emissions that could be eliminated in just one year, by using a one megawatt wind turbine as opposed to other sources. We could eliminate more than 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide and 3.2 tons of nitrogen oxides. There could be 60 pounds less mercury and 6.5 less tons of sulfur dioxide.

We can turn the planet around. We have the potential to be so much more, and if we take care of the planet, we take care of ourselves.

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