During football season, there’s nothing quite like going down to the local football field and cheering on the home team surrounded by friends and neighbors.

If you’re a regular attendee of football games, you’ve likely looked at the scoreboard dozens of times during a game. While your local scoreboard does a great at telling the score, maybe it’s looking a little data. Maybe it’s older and several of the bulbs are burned out or flickering. It’s got charm, but it’s clear that it’s time for an upgrade.

So what can be done? Actually a lot. These days, there are dozen of options for those in need of electronic signs, new scoreboard, new signage and many other things. When it comes to scoreboards, no one’s saying your local school needs to erect a giant jumbtron, but having a new electronic scoreboard can have many benefits:

  • A better experience: A new digital scoreboard can do a lot to elevate the game-time experience for players and fans alike. These days, schools can buy electronic scoreboards that have all kinds of fun animations to highlight big plays. These boards can also show replays, highlights and even live video feeds. It excites the fans and what football player wouldn’t get chills hearing their name announced over the sound system with their highlights playing on the new video scoreboard?
  • Fundraising help: These days, it seems some schools are doing everything they can to keep up with the Joneses. But for some schools, raising money for new electronic signs and scoreboards and other facility upgrades isn’t easy. Thankfully, LED scoreboards are becoming more of a realistic goal for many athletics departments because they can assist in fundraising. These LED boards can offer digital advertising to local businesses, who in turn help fund the cost of the scoreboard.
  • Supporting all sports: These days, schools don’t have to waste time or money using older multisport scoreboards to keep track of all sports played at one facility. New LED scoreboards comes with custom layouts for all sports and switching between them is done in a snap. Not only can a scorekeeper seamlessly toggle between sports, but the boards are compatible with apps that offer understanding and explanation of a specific sport’s rules. This helps even a novice scorekeeper keep score much easier.
  • Education: The installation of a new scoreboard at your local football stadium isn’t just for sports fans or athletes. Digital scoreboards and LED video screens can also be used to showcase student work in other disciplines including broadcasting, video production, graphic design and even computer science just to name a few.
  • Community engagement: Another great thing about today’s digital video boards and scoreboards is they can great tools for engaging a community. The video boards can be used to do movie nights at the stadium, they can be used for graduation ceremonies, they can highlight marching bands and dance teams and ultimately they can turn the local stadium into a community hub where folks come to hang out when there’s something going on.

Another benefit of new electronic signs and digital scoreboards is that they just look better, which can do a lot from a perception standpoint. If a visiting team comes in to play and sees new electronic signs and a new, big scoreboard, it might signal that your school is serious about athletics and isn’t a pushover. With LED lights—which shine brighter, last longer and hold up under all sorts of weather conditions—your stadium scoreboard will be something everyone in town sees, much the water tower or the city hall clock tower.

You’ve likely seen LED lighting and LED signs all over your town from electronic signs to school marquees to church marquees to storefront signage and you’ve immediately noticed. Surveys have indicated 35% of people wouldn’t have located a business had it not been for signage. Using LED lighting can have the same effect on your stadium and make it stand out, night or day and rain or shine.

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