What does your brand mean to you? When customers think of your brand, what are they thinking? Are return customers able to identify your brand simply by looking at a logo or slogan? Branding is one of the most important parts of business. Without effective brand management, you will find it difficult to grow and succeed as a business. The following factors are important in creating and maintaining a strong business brand.

Print branding
Although the internet has become extremely important in today?s marketing world, print marketing is still necessary. Print marketing is capturing your potential customer with thinks like flyers, postcards, and billboards. Print branding is especially effective if it pairs nicely with digital marketing. When consumers can make the recognition from something they have seen on the internet to a print brand, it strengthens the brand recognition. Working with Louisville marketing is a great way to create a marketing campaign that connects print marketing to digital campaigns.

Social media marketing
Social media currently has billions of followers. Social media users are using different platforms to stay connected to their family, friends, and local businesses. Many consumers are also looking for new businesses to frequent on these social media platforms. Some may even use social media to make buying decisions. Approximately 80% of consumers do a lot of online research for major buying decisions, and 46% say they count on social media when making such choices. Social media is important for brand recognition, providing your customers with the information they need, and for reaching potential new customers. Louisville marketing can also help with creating a successful social media campaign.

Web page optimization
Just because you are currently on the internet does not mean that consumers are able to find you. One of the hardest parts of creating a successful online marketing campaign is expanding reach. It can be helpful to work with an SEO company on creating a search engine optimization campaign. Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for optimal search results. Most consumers start their internet search with a search engine. You want to make sure they are receiving your businesses site as one of their listed options.

Strong website optimization also requires advanced web development. In an extremely internet focused world, simply being online is not enough. For example, your website needs to tell your customers what to do in 3 seconds or less. Approximately 40% of people will abandon a webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load. Even more, can result in as much as total abandonment. The change in a website bounce rate spikes to about 100% when a page takes 4 seconds or more to load. It jumps to 150% if a page takes 8 seconds or more to load. Online customers do not want to wait. Louisville marketing can help with website speed evaluations.

Reputation management
Reputation management is the act of monitoring and improving a business?s online reputation. Your internet reputation might be even more important than your in person reputation. Customers look to local review sites and referrals of previous customers before making the decision to frequent a new business. A business that has numerous negative reviews can easily lose business. Louisville marketing professionals can monitor all internet review platforms and work on customer retention to better improve the overall reputation of the business.

Branding is a condensed view of your business. It matters for business growth and success. In order to create a positive brand, you need presence in both print and digital marketing. You also have to focus on increasing your website optimization and functionality. The goal is to encourage new customers to try your business. Louisville marketing can help with all of these important aspects.

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