For so long, you have been so busy. Alarm clocks ring and you rush from here to there. A ding from your phone or computer means another meeting is coming. You shuffle meetings, and race to deadlines. You take calls from kids who forgot something, or emails from teachers because your kid is having a rough day. You try to build in time for friends, and make plans around seven different schedules. You plan dinners and lunches and clean when you can. Car repairs, home repairs, vet appointments, and your own appointments fill your daily schedules.

Amidst all of the fear, however, perhaps this is the opportunity to slow down that you need. Take a nap. Watch a movie, read a book, call a friend. Let your body and mind rest. You have been too busy for too long.

Branded Environments Offer the Best Way to Promote Both New and Old Products
In a time when so many people have been busy for so long, the government’s directives to limit travel, work from home, and to close schools has put a screeching halt not only to the economy, but to the lives of many as well. And while there are plenty of things to be worried about in this time of the Coronavirus, there are also many who are trying to embrace the opportunity to spend more time with their children in the safety of their own home.

With fewer opportunities to shop in person, of course, there is an even greater focus of on online spending. Installing branded environments, many companies cayuse this time to reinvent the way that they do business. From restaurants that are offering their meals to students who can no longer get lunches at school to stores and pharmacies and that are expanding their free delivery services, there are many times when installing branded environments can help when a company is trying to change its message. Its mission.
Just this week, for example, the online service proper Google switched its daily post celebrating events and people to a somber stop sign with the tagline DO THE FIVE stop the coronavirus. Any person who clicks on that red octagon sign is then directed to the list of the five most helpful practices that people should make a part of their daily practices:

  • Hands. Wash them often.
  • Elbow. Cough into it.
  • Face. Don’t touch it.
  • Feet. Stay more than three feet apart.
  • Feel sick? Stay home.

When one of the largest companies in America redirects its branding, it should come as no surprise that others will follow suit. From the office branding that will be used to promote community health to installing a branded environment for a new company, the nation will be more likely to notice these changes. Graphic art installations can, for instance, help promote a different kind of message in a novel time in the history of our country. The decision, for instance, to make installing branded environments that are intended to help people make upcoming elections more safe is one opportunity for local government offices to flood the public with their message about voting through the mail.

The latest research indicates that It takes 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand and in a time when more people are going to be spending time online, this may be the perfect time to consider installing branded environments for your company. When you combine the fact that it takes five to seven brand impressions before someone remembers a brand with the increased time that many will be spending online, you begin to see the immediate impact that
any online marketing change will have.

Selecting a powerful “signature color” for your brand boosts brand recognition by 80%, and the decision to change this color will provide immediate results. Using just one technology company as an example, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is worth $286.25 billion. During these days that are rocking the economy, the decision to make sure that you are doing what you can to increase your company’s online presence may help your company succeed. Finding a quiet, but productive, way to make sure that you are promoting your business’s products and services can help many people find a better solution.

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