Whether you are storing water or waste, having a tank that suits your needs is important. Without a properly adjusted tank you could face leakage or contamination, depending on what you’re using it for. However, custom water tanks require custom tank liners to ensure maximum coverage.

Why Use Custom Linings?

When using a custom water tank, they will seldom be suited for a generic tank liner. This goes double for storing certain types of chemicals, as you don’t want to risk them corroding through the liner and leaking into the surrounding area. The best way to ensure your tank and what your storing is secure is by using a specialized liner. Here are a few reasons why it’s always the safe bet to invest in custom liners.

  • Custom Water Tanks Aren’t Made Equal. Depending on the age and location where the tank is being stored there could be outside factors acting on the reservoir. If a tank is stored underground it’s usually capable of lasting up to twenty years without incident; however, without a proper liner this could be decreased. If there is a breach that is allowing fluid to spill out, it could spell trouble, especially if the chemicals stored within are considered harmful. Weakened tanks that are old or corroded are at an additional risk for leaks. With a lot of forces acting on your tank, concrete water tank liners can save you a lot of time and headaches when compared to generic liners in this instance.
  • Regulatory Precautions. Custom water liners aren’t just for the security of your tank. They can also be needed in order to comply with local and federal regulations. Depending on what the tank is being used to store, the government may have regulations pertaining to the safest ways to store and dispose of the liquid. You need to be sure that chemical liners are used to ensure nothing harmful leaks into the environment especially, as it could be hefty fines otherwise!
  • Industry Differences. Custom tanks are a necessity for many industries due to the specifics of what they’re used for. While farms may benefit from smaller tanks for fuel, and larger water tanks for animals or crops, other industries may be the exact opposite. It all comes down to your specific needs, and what you use the most of. Having custom tanks installed means you get exactly what you want, so long as you remember to properly line them to ensure longevity.
  • Chemical Liners. When investing in chemical liners you will usually work alongside professionals to ensure the liner is properly installed and ready for use. The installers will know the regulations that need to be followed and can ensure that everything is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Depending on the type of tank you’re using, and what you are storing you will want to invest in custom water tank liner. Not only will this ensure that your safe from leaks and contamination, but it will also prolong the life of your tank, and ensure you’re in compliance with regulations. Don’t take any unnecessary risks, invest in custom water tanks.

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