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What do you look for when choosing a security system? Do you want something that will last a long time or something that will act as quickly as possible at the sign of a possible threat? With access control systems and advanced automated alarms, you don’t have to choose between one or the other. Security measures are an essential part of running a business or institution, with the threat of theft, property damage or injury a very real concern shared by many throughout the work week and beyond. This list will walk you through the necessary steps on choosing a security system and what you should expect from your hardware, from location to support.

How Common Are Break-Ins?

A troubling fear many small and large businesses share is that of break-ins. These incidents can cause hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in damage and significantly impact employees and employer alike. The year 2013, for example, saw victims of burglary offenses suffering up to $4 billion in property losses. The Global Retail Theft Barometer published by the Center For Retail Research also found that North American retailers lose as much as $45 billion worth of inventory every single year from inventory shrink alone.

How Common Is Vandalism?

You want to keep your business looking as professional and as inviting as possible to keep your client base secure. When vandalism threatens that, choosing a security system does the dual work of catching perpetrators and preventing future incidents. The time of year is also an indicator of how frequently break-ins, inventory shrink and vandalism will occur — Christmas and New Years have both seen noticeably high figures compared to other holidays.

What Are Other Factors I Should Know About?

Preventative measures are just as important as utilizing your resources to catch a perpetrator. A study of convicted burglars saw a majority 80% of offenders saying they would attempt to find an alarm before attempting theft or vandalism. A follow-up study saw even impulsive and unplanned burglaries being discontinued by the presence of an alarm system. Alarm systems are more advanced than they’ve ever been, able to contact support in a very short span of time and ensure your work is kept under lock and key.

How Do Alarm Systems Work?

It’s important to know how alarm systems function and keep you and your work safe. The majority of alarm systems, for starters, will have a built-in delay before contacting the designated monitoring company. This delay time can vary between 30 seconds to three minutes, depending, and will ensure the right people are contacted. Up to 60% of burglaries can be avoided entirely with the installation of video surveillance systems, to boot, and should be considered when choosing an alarm system.

How Do I Go About Choosing An Alarm System?

Choosing an alarm system is choosing to put your business or institution in safe hands all days of the year. The United States’ law enforcement sees police responding to nearly 40 million alarm activations on a yearly basis — although up to 90% of these activations are false, the peace-of-mind it affords institutions and businesses across the country is invaluable. The benefits of commercial security systems mean less inventory shrink, more prevented burglaries and a more steady yearly figure than if you had gone without. One out of seven businesses as at least one alarm system in place. Does yours?

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