In this video, you will learn about how to set up a meeting room. Audio-vidual aspects are extremely important to consider. The image display system in a room is crucial to reaching your audience. You want to make sure people can see the screen and no one is obstructing the view.

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Depending on the room size, you’ll want a TV that is comparable in size so that where you are seated does not hinder your view. TVs are generally cheaper than installing a projector in the room for the size of the image you are looking for. Also, TVs are less maintenance than a projector. For someone who is cost-conscience, you can just use the built-in audio speakers in the TV. If you have a larger budget, you can consider spending money on an amplifier for the existing TV speaker, if you chose to go that route. The goal of the audio-visual system is that it can’t be an obstruction to the meeting, but rather add to the experience. In addition, you may consider a feature where you could plug your own device in and watch the presentation on your laptop if you can’t see the screen from where you are sitting.

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