In this video, you will learn how a conduit such as water sewer fiber, electricity, and gas can be installed under bustling intersections using a horizontal directional drill. This is possible to do without disrupting any traffic and stay away from congestion and business activities.

Before starting the work, the horizontal directional drill crew must plan the bore path carefully to avoid obstructions such as other underground utilities.

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The horizontal bore process begins with a directional drill bit entering the entrance pit to contain and manage the drilling fluids. Asonde, the radio detection device track the directional drill bit. Within and extended connection to the directional drill pipe, the measurements of depth and pitch are sent to the walk-over locating device. This then shares directions to the directional driller on which way to steer the drill. The directional drilling crew can navigate and steer the drill down right and left and in any combination of varying degrees that is required to drill a desired horizontal bore path.

Curious to know how the process continues? Keep watching the video to learn the workings of this fantastic directional drill. For more information about these services, contact the Directional Technologies who have been in this business for many years.

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