From conex containers to other types of shipping containers, the potential for waste to be generated is high. Fortunately, however, conex containers and the like are able to be repurposed into other structures and have actually been used with a great deal of success to build a variety of structures, from job site trailers to modular homes.

Steel shipping containers such as conex containers and others are particularly useful for the construction of new structures as they do not require much upkeep and can last for nearly three decades before starting to show signs of wear. This is particularly useful for the construction of job site trailers which, when constructed using traditional materials like thin wood and vinyl, can last for a little as five years before beginning to rapidly fall apart. By making job site trailers out of shipping containers such as conex containers can allow job site trailers to be repurposed, thus reducing the total amount of waste that they create. Shipping containers are also ideal building materials because they not only require no foundation to begin building, but are also typically waterproof and highly weather resistant, able to withstand winds up to one hundred miles per hour, making them ideal in the face of a hurricane or a tornado, especially when they are anchored with pylons.

Utilizing shipping containers such as conex containers can also help to save a considerable amount of money. These container solutions can cost as much as forty percent less than traditional building materials, and they are considerably less time consuming to build. In fact, repurposed shipping containers can be made into a modular home in as little as two weeks when built in a factory environment. A brick and mortar structure, by comparison, can take as long as an entire half of a year if not longer before reaching completion.

More people than every are seeking out modular homes made out of shipping containers such as conex containers, with nearly twenty million people in the United States now living in a home made out of repurposed shipping containers such as conex containers. It’s also important to note that these structures and homes, ranging from shipping container offices to modular homes, are incredibly eco friendly and green structures, with only around just under half of the waste that a traditional construction site would accrue, as well as using up to eighty five percent recycled materials to build such structures. Modular homes are often considerably less expensive as well, presenting an ideal housing solution for those who may otherwise struggle to afford consistent and affordable housing. Modular homes can afford to be so cheap while still providing a high quality place to live because they are so inexpensive to make, and those that live in such structures can feel good not only about the money that they are saving, but also about the positive impact that they are having on the planet by living in such a sustainable, repurposed structure made out of materials that would otherwise end up, unfortunately, in a landfill.

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