Outdoor led signs

Are you struggling to bring customers into your storefront business? The internet has changed the shopping world and changed the way that consumers purchase products. However, if you have a good product or service, a strong customer following, and a great business plan, you should still be able to bring customers to your physical location. It could be a problem with your signage for businesses. Business signage is more important than you might think for the following reasons.

Business signage can bring in new customers
Not only is business signage important for showing current customers your location, but it is also necessary for bringing in new customers. Signage for businesses, if it is the right size and color for visibility, can grab the attention of local residents. Approximately 35% of people would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. It is important to remember, however, that your sign is competing with nearby signs. This is especially true if you are located in a group of businesses. Make sure your GSA LED sign is easy to read and interesting enough to draw attention.

Signs create business recognition
Most consumers can identify their favorite fast food restaurant before they ever see the wording on the sign. This is because fast food restaurants do a great job at creating business recognition. You simply have to see that big golden arch or the burger atop of the building to identify which business it is. Additionally, many retailers have successfully created the same brand recognition. Signage for businesses is important in creating business recognition. This is a great idea if you also sell products online or away from your business’s physical location.

Business signs increase profits
Studies show that adding or changing a sign directly improves sales revenue. Replacing a storefront wall sign with a larger sign increases revenue by about 7.7%. This is because a new sign demands attention. When consumers notice your business, either for the first time or again, they make a new decision whether or not to frequent the business. Electric business signs can create a significant increase in traffic. If you have a good product or service to offer, you are likely to notice an increase in profits.

Signs encourage impulse purchases
There are a lot of steps involved in the typical buying decision. However, the exact number of steps involved really depends on the type of buying process. When shopping online, the person has to input all of their payment information, causing them to really think about the items they are purchasing. When a person orders through a catalog, they have to physically write out each item they plan on purchasing. Shopping in person, however, often results in more impulse purchases. Even making the decision to stop at a physical storefront location is often an impulse decision in itself.

When a customer is driving by and sees the large full color LED signs, they make the decision to stop or to continue driving. If they choose to stop, you now have the chance to convert them into a buying customer. By placing additional LED business signs throughout the store, you have even more chances to encourage an impulse sale. In fact, the value of an on site sign is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads each year.

Signage for businesses is very important to business success. Signs are the first thing that a potential customer and returning customer notice about the business. The exterior sign will attract attention, increase foot traffic, and encourage more impulse purchases. Make sure you are giving your exterior signage the proper design and planning that it deserves.

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