In 2010, the United States exported industrial machines to the value of around $42.7 billion. Additionally, machinery manufacturing shipments totaled $407.4 billion, approximately 7.1 percent of all manufacturing shipments in 2012.

In 2012, the construction machinery, farm machinery and equipment, and mining and oil and gas field machinery industries led machinery manufacturing with $43.9 billion in shipments (11 percent of all machinery shipments), $38.3 billion (9 percent) and $32.7 billion in shipments, respectively.

At the heart of all these industrial machines are gearboxes and gear drives. In its simplest form, a gearbox is a collection of gears that increases either speed or torque on a given machine. Depending on the industry, companies use a variety of gearboxes and they can be found in industries such as steel and paper.

As important as an industrial gearbox is to industrial operations, proper maintenance is also important. Four of the more common warning signs of gearbox problems include excessive noise, vibration, fluid leaks and oil contamination. These warnings may come as a result of leaky seals, bearing failure or electrical fluting.

Common Gearbox Problems and How to Deal with Them

Leaking is one the most identifiable gearbox problems and allowing fluid to leak is a common cause for the breakdown of transmissions. Automatic transmission fluid helps clean and lubricate a gearbox and in some cases also serves as a hydraulic fluid.

The same importance can be placed on oil. It also provides lubrication for machinery and leaks cut into the efficiency of a gearbox. An oil leak at the shaft seals usually indicates the seals are allowing in water and dust which contribute to a shorter lifespan of a gearbox.

Hearing a lot of excessive noise is a sure sign that the parts of a gearbox are not working together and it could mean there are damaged gears. Likewise, excessive vibration is another indicator that there may be some problems with the gears.

Gearbox repair and renewal is important, but it can come with a steep price. Gearbox repair services are plentiful, but gearbox repair costs can run into the four figures just to replace the gearbox on a small car.
Industrial gear drives repair and renewal is important too. The gear drives help maintain a constant speed of a drive motor and different types of gears are used for different types of industrial work. Worm gears for example are used to transmit power at 90 degrees and were high reductions are required. Industrial gear drives repair and renewal can ensure industrial machinery keeps working to its fullest potential.

With many common problems associated with industrial gearboxes and the need for industrial gear drives repair and renewal, gearboxes repair services are essential. ERS and Precision Pump and Gear Works can help you get started.

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