If you’re a small business owner, watching your business grow can be both a joyful and an intimidating process. As you gain more customers or clients, you will need to expand your employee base and your ability to create and supply goods or services. Sometimes, this means that you need to work with a commercial moving service to transfer your office or merchandise into a larger building.

In the video here, a small business owner’s company has grown large enough that she needs to move her inventory into a warehouse.

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This means she needs to move her supplies from her old facility to the new facility. This is obviously an exciting time, but it does involve a lot of decisions. She is going to use the space as a fulfillment center as well as a storage facility, so she needs to move her inventory of merchandise and her office supplies at the same time.

Many commercial moving companies can easily accommodate complex moves involving multiple locations. If you want to move from two locations to one central location, for example, they can help you pack and move your items from both of the old locations.

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