When you think about cutting metal for a project, the power of water is probably the last thing on your mind. However, when used the right way, a water jet can be an incredibly powerful cutting tool. Here are some surprising applications of water jet cutting.

Because you’re not using a fixed blade, but a highly pressurized stream of purified water, you do not need to be too worried about contaminating the object you’re cutting. This means that even food can be cut by a water jet and be perfectly edible.

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This could be great if you’re trying to create a spread for a banquet hall.

Due to the nature of a water jet cutter, you do not need to be worried about heat during the cutting process. Heat produces by lasers or the friction of a physical blade can damage the object you’re trying to cut. With a water jet, however, you can make cuts that won’t leave unsightly burns or scorch marks.

Thanks to the versatility of a water jet, you’re able to increase and decrease the strength of the jet itself. This means you can use a lower-pressure jet for interesting projects like creating wear on a pair of jeans, giving them a designer appearance. A project like this could never be done by a conventional cutting tool.

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