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If you’re looking for the best charities to donate to, you want to be sure that they have tax-exempt status. In other words, these non-profit organizations would need to be in compliance with section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Have you considering calling GreenDrop for a Purple Heart charity pick up? The organizer for GreenDrop raised $2.5 million for charities like Purple Heart in 2014. They have approximately 30 free-standing locations as well as mobile trailers that collect donations. On average, GreenDrop collects 100 tons of donations on a weekly basis.

When you call Purple Heart charity pick up, you are helping veterans and their families as well as others in need. Some of these donated items may also be sent to assist individuals and their families in other countries.

Were you aware that no matter what their condition, your clothing and household textiles, such as sheets, blankets, curtains, and other fabrics are 100% recyclable? Americans are now purchasing more clothes than they did 20 years ago, and many of these items are being donated. In fact, Americans donate about 4.7 billion pounds of clothes on an annual basis.

While many people tend to make more charitable donations during the holidays, others are inspired to give throughout the year. In a recent survey, it was found that approximately 43% gave more during holidays, while 44.4% said that they gave “about the same.”

People are also inspired to give throughout the year in response to a friend or family member’s social media post. They may read a story about what a charitable organization is doing to help the community, or there may be someone specific in need. Up to 70% of these individuals will take some type of action, whether it is to call for a Purple Heart charity pick up or another organization that serves the community.

If you’ve been going through closets and cupboards, and aren’t sure of the value of charitable donations for tax write-off purposes, then here are a few examples:

    Men’s overcoats: $60
    Men’s suits: $60
    Coffee makers: $4-to-$15

When you go through your closets and discover items you haven’t worn in six months or so, you may want to consider donating them. This is definitely something to consider when you live in an area that experiences two or more different seasons.

While many people clearly believe that giving is its own reward, be sure to save those receipts for tax season. When you make donations that are valued over $250, you’ll need to provide receipts if you’re planning to claim these on your taxes.

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