There are many ways to market good and services, but everyone will agree some are better than other. Some take a long time, lots of work, and constant monitoring, while others, such as videos can be short quick and to the point and still make an incredible difference. Read below to see why including videos in your distributor marketing plan is a vital step in marketing your business online.

Different Videos

If you really want your distributor marketing plan to succeed then tailor your videos to individual needs. This means that multiple services for multiple problems would require multiple videos. Trying to cram all information into one video can leave viewers confused and they can loose their focus on the services provided. Average people spend about one and a half hours watching videos a day, but that doesn’t mean they want to watch a single video that is that long. Keep videos short, concise and to the point.

Social Media

Don’t completely ignore social media for videos because these platforms can be an incredible for industrial marketing. A distributor marketing plan that utilizes social media can see increase in viewers after even only a short period of time. Social medial is so popular that mare than half of marketers use the Facebook platform first when utilizing social media marketing. Short videos get watched, liked and shared. The more others interact with your video the more it will be put out there for others to see. Marketing on social media, especially utilizing videos, helps give you exposure and can drive even more traffic to your website.

Rank Advancement

If your distributor marketing plan includes ways to rank up on the Google search, then videos is your answer. Not only should you be utilizing videos for social media, but including a video on your landing page can increase the chances of you landing on the first page of google by as much as 5300%. Videos on landing pages interest people, tell them what you are about, and make them want to learn more. This in turn means more clicks on your website.

Remember that longer videos usually never get watched until the end. The attention span on online users today is shorter than ever, so try to catch their interest and peak their curiosity. Offer solutions to problems rather than sounding like an infomercial. Help identify problems, relate to those having those problems, and offer a simple cost effective solution. Those who are not yet customers will begin to build trust with you, which can lead to them becoming customers later down the line.

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