Steel strapping suppliers

Staying in contact with reliable stainless steel suppliers is great for certain industries. If you’re in need of stainless steel strapping tools for construction, if you’re using galvanized steel for other heavy duty projects, or even if you’re doing some smaller, more specific projects, steel suppliers can give you exactly what you need.

According to Business Insider, stainless steel will now even be used on one of the most popular products in the entire world. The iPhone has been a wildly successful and globally accepted product for years. Although competitive companies have dipped into Apple’s revenue pockets and have created a few innovative products themselves, no one even comes close to achieving what Apple has achieved. And as it’s not 2017 and the iPhone is still king, it looks like that trend will undoubtedly continue.

Apple will not be using stainless steel for the new iPhone 8. Previous models have always used an aluminum based product for the frame, but the iPhone 8 will now be the first time Apple used stainless steel since the iPhone 4s.

Apple is most likely choosing to work with stainless steel suppliers rather than aluminum or other kinds of metal suppliers for their popular products because of how the end result will lost and feel. Stainless steel is often associated with a classy and cool look that other metal and materials just simply cannot match.

“As stainless steel has a better look than aluminum and costs more, we expect only high-end new iPhone models to come with a stainless steel frame next year,” said Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst.

Although the new iPhone 8s might cost a little more than the already expensive smart phones, it looks like no matter what Apple does to their products, whether people hate it or not, think it’s too expensive or not, or simply do not need it or not, they will certainly continue to purchase iPhone products.

Apple, somewhat astonishingly and somewhat sadly, could probably get away with outlining their phones with solid gold and charging thousands of dollars for one and still make a profit.

Despite the uptake in price, because of the excellent look of stainless steel products and feel, the new iPhone will certainly be one of the more popular models.

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