In the beginning, small business owners could make do with a tiny space. But eventually, the company may grow and the business owner needs to do some renovations to accommodate this. The office layout will be drastically changed and even the entire office structure may be shut down for remodeling purposes. Especially if you are adding a commercial kitchen. Or, perhaps you need to have commercial plumbing done to your facility.

Office space renovation ideas for your small business start with the office layout in mind whether you’re just considering a commercial roofing redo, or deciding on getting commercial solar power. It is important that you have a good idea of what things are going to look like, especially when you have an established business that you do not want to close down during renovation times. You need to find ways to make your employees comfortable while they are working without compromising on aesthetics and functionality.

Here are some office space renovation ideas:

Get Some Artwork

Hanging art in your office is a great way to make your space more inviting and comfortable. It’s also an excellent way to add color, reflect your style and personality, and highlight some of the best parts of your office. This is such an easy way to incorporate office space renovation ideas.

Trying to choose the right pieces for office space renovation ideas in any given space can be tricky, though. You want your art to match what you already have, but you also want it to stand out. You want the pieces to be functional, but you also want them to be beautiful. It’s easy to get frustrated when trying to find things that fit all of these criteria, but there are ways around this problem.

It is always great to have good lighting in areas where there is a concentrated amount of work. In that case, maybe you want to add a window or two, in which you will need to get in touch with commercial glass contractors.

Also, have you considered paving your floors with a unique design? That could be fun artwork that is also unique to your office. A project like that should include some paving contractors.

Here are some tips for hanging art in your office:

What kind of space do you have? The first step in picking out art is to consider what type of space you’re working with. Are you working in a small room? A large one? What other elements are going into the space? Once you’ve considered this basic question, it will be much easier to find pieces that fit well into the space without overpowering it or getting lost in the decor.

Decide on Your Color Scheme

Incorporating color into an office design will balance out the manly feel of many business-oriented rooms. Deep reds and bright greens are both popular options. The more conservative color schemes often include shades of brown, gray, and black.

Tones that are soft and warm are best suited to a smaller office space. This can be achieved by choosing colors that are similar to each other such as purples and blues or yellows and greens. Office space renovation ideas that include color schemes should be done in harmony with the rest of the build, so make sure to choose colors from the same color palette used throughout the office.

Investing in Ergonomic Furniture

It’s a fact – most of us spend more time at work than anything else. Office space renovation ideas

It should include some kind of ergonomic furniture. So why not choose the office furniture that best suits your body? Ergonomic furniture allows for healthy posture and movement, which will improve your productivity and wellbeing. Now, that’s what we call some solid office space renovation ideas.

Ergonomic office chairs The chair you choose should allow you to sit straight at your desk while supporting your back and keeping your legs level. You should be able to adjust the height, armrests, and seat depth so that you can maintain an upright position with a slight forward tilt.

The right workplace chair will ensure that you don’t slouch, which can lead to back pain. A good chair will also support your lower back by allowing you to maintain an S-shaped spine and the curve in the small of your back. If your desk is too high or low, you can adjust the height accordingly.

Ergonomic desks If there is a computer on your desk, it should be positioned so that the monitor is placed directly in front of you, about an arm’s length away. Adjustable desks are ideal for people who use laptops or for those who change their tasks throughout the day.

Ergonomic accessories Throughout the day, take regular breaks from sitting to stretch or walk around. Many offices now have

Add a Reading Corner

Another great idea in our set of office space renovation ideas is to have a reading corner in the office. It is a great way to encourage employees to take breaks from their computer screens and engage with a book instead. Reading has been shown to improve concentration and increase intelligence.

Trying to learn new skills, like how to ride a bicycle or how to play the piano, can be daunting without the right motivation. Setting up a reading corner in your office can offer employees a comfortable space where they can take time out of their day to read, relax and de-stress. Which is a nice compliment to the other office space renovation ideas.

An added benefit is that it creates a more inviting office environment. Giving workers an incentive to spend time away from the computer screen helps alleviate eyestrain and encourages everyone to get some fresh air.

A reading area doesn’t have to be complicated, you can just set aside an area in your office with comfortable seating, fresh flowers, and a small selection of books for people to borrow or read for themselves. You may also want to consider setting up a board on which you post interesting articles or news stories, so people can share what they’ve been reading as well as get inspired by other people’s interests.

Incorporate the Right Lighting

Having a well-lit workspace is just as important as having a comfortable chair. The right lighting can help you stay on task and reduce the risk of falling asleep at your desk. It can also help you see your computer screen more clearly, which can prevent eyestrain from hours of staring at glowing pixels. If you decide on something a little more complicated, be sure to include a commercial electrician.

Trying to find the best lighting for an office space can be difficult. While you may have specific office space renovation ideas for what you want, it’s important to think about functionality and practicality as well. Here are some things to consider:

Time of day. How will you use your light source? Is it for reading? For general activities? If so, think about task lighting. You should be able to position it in such a way that it illuminates what you need to see without unnecessarily casting light on other parts of the room. If you are using it in the evening, make sure it isn’t so bright that it will disrupt your sleep cycle when the sun goes down.

Lighting types. When considering light sources, there are three types that are most common: incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps. Each type has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to choosing the best kind of light for an office space.

Use Office Dividers

Enclosed office space can look a lot more “homey” with a few dividers. They not only serve as a single focal point, but they also make your space seem larger and allow you to create different zones in your office. This is especially important if you have multiple people working out of one office. A great way to turn a boring office into one that is appealing to the eye, dividers are available in many different colors and styles.

If you want to break up your office space but don’t want to spend a lot of money, consider using an old bookshelf or cabinet. They have the same effect and can be painted or stained any color you’d like!

A lot of offices don’t have a lot of space. So when you’re running out of room, dividers can help. They’re great for separating different areas in the office and creating new ones.

Tall, narrow dividers are perfect for making zones for a small office. If you need to expand your workspace — or want to create a more efficient layout — tall dividers are good for partitioning off different areas.

Purchase dividers that match your décor. You’ll want to make sure they fit with the rest of your office, so be sure to take measurements before ordering. Or ask us about our custom design services — we’ll help you put together a look that’s just right for you.

Add Fruit Baskets

Add a fruit basket to your office space. They are useful and healthy for the people in the office.

Tasty and nutritious fruits like apples, oranges, mangoes, bananas, pears, grapes, etc., can be added to the basket. They’re great for taking a break from work and for meeting with clients.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to make new connections by being able to casually strike up a conversation about the fruit basket or grabbing an apple from it. In addition, if you have guests in your office space, they’ll enjoy looking at a fruit basket as they wait for you or while they relax after their meeting. It’s certainly better than staring at your computer screen or being forced to talk about work right away.

To get started with adding a fruit basket to your office space, go online or visit your local supermarket and see what kind of options there are available for you. They might sell baskets themselves or offer suggestions for where you can purchase them on your own so that you can put one together yourself if you’d like to do so.

Dress Up the Entry Way

If you have an office and don’t work from home, you need to dress up the entryway and make it inviting. This will not only make your clients feel more welcome, but it will make your staff feel like they’re in a professional environment.

Tight spaces can be a problem, so if your entryway is small, don’t put chairs in it. If you do have a lot of room or have a receptionist’s desk area, add some comfortable seating for people to sit and wait for you or for their appointment time.

If you have enough room, add some artwork or plants to the space. It’ll break up the walls and give your office a cleaner look.

Dress up this area with attractive accents that reflect who you are as a small business owner. If you’re an artist or designer, add art supplies and a bulletin board for messages or inspiration. If you work in fashion or clothing, add some clothes hangers or accessories for color and texture. You can even hang a few catalogs with examples of your work on them if you want to show off your skills to clients as they’re waiting for their appointment.

Spruce It Up with Rugs

Rugs are not only a great addition to any room, but they can also be functional. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a rug to your office space.

Let you express your style: One of the best things about rugs is that they provide a great opportunity for you to express your sense of style. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and patterns. You can find them in different materials too – wool, jute, sisal, cotton, etc. The possibilities are endless and this gives you complete freedom to choose something that suits your taste perfectly.

Functional: Rugs are not only beautiful but also extremely functional. They help make your room warmer and more inviting. Rugs also protect your floors from wear and tear caused by furniture feet, spills, and other hazards that can cause permanent damage to the flooring if left unattended. Moreover, they provide additional softness when you need it the most – while sitting on the ground or floor, or even just lying on the floor after a long day at work!

Don’t Neglect the Outdoors

The outdoors might need a little sprucing up! It could be as simple as adding commercial fencing. Or, if you want to go all out, hiring a commercial landscape service could be of use. While you’re at it, get some mosquito control help.

All in all, renovating your office space can be a very fun project. To keep it manageable and a project that you enjoy, plan well. Plan the details, and choose trusted contractors.

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