A sign is often the first message you send to a prospective customer. How do you make sure you do a good job of putting your best foot forward?

Outdoor signs come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. Some are outfitted with beautiful LED lights to attract the eye at night, while others can take up the side of an entire building. Choosing the best commercial signage for your business is a matter of embracing what makes you unique. You’re not out here to do what everyone else is doing, but do what you do best. Custom architectural signage is where you should be putting your effort in 2020, particularly if foot traffic has been eluding you.

Fast signage for long-term business goals. Turns out you can have the best of both worlds. Here are five facts you should know about the relationship between signs and happy customers.

On-Site Signage Is An Affordable Investment For The Long-Term

Money is always the biggest deterrent. You don’t want to spend so much on something that might not work, right? When it comes to outdoor signs, you can bet on the history of marketing to do the work for you. The value of on-site signage has been carefully documented over many years, now considered to be equal to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements. You only need to update it once in a while, too, giving you less work for more payoff.

Attracting Customers Means Giving Them Something Bold To Remember

Do you want to attract new customers to usher in the new year? You need to give them a sign that’s bold, informative, and strategically placed. A survey revealed 85% of companies’ customers live within a 5-mile radius of the business — this means customers are likely to see the signage for a business 50 times or more a week. An additional survey reached out to consumers to ask about their thoughts concerning high quality signage. Over 70% revealed the quality of a business sign will influence what they think about the business itself.

Moving Populations Make Signs Essential For Establishing Relationships

While it sounds good to know most of your customers live nearby, you need to keep in mind people move every year. According to an estimate on moving populations, between 15% to 20% of the population will move on an annual business. That means you have between 15% to 20% new customers to appeal to! Custom sign design is best done with the aid of a professional. You can skip the middleman and go straight for what works, ensuring you don’t miss out on any fresh faces.

LED Signs Are A Modern Investment With A High ROI

Thinking of matching technology with the classics? Take those commercial outdoor signs and go for an LED approach. A survey on the appeal of glowing LED signs found 85% of business owners confessing they saw an increase in sales. What makes LED signs so attractive are their bright colors and ability to be easily seen no matter the time of day. The new year is in full swing, so consider stepping out of your comfort zone and going for a solution that’s proven to work!

A Lack Of Proper Signage Can Keep Customers From Entering Your Business

If you don’t have a custom sign to your name, or haven’t updated it in a few years, you could be missing out on some crucial new customers. Let’s wrap things up with one more study, this time on the presence of a sign at all — 60% of today’s consumers say they wouldn’t enter a business without a sign. Fast signage is easier than ever to come by thanks to modern resources and the ease of the Internet. If you’re not sure where to go next this year, go for the basics.

High quality outdoor signs are a smart investment that just keep on giving. What could better custom sign design do to give your business more clout and more foot traffic?

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