In the United States, many industries that work within the walls of a factory are expected to transport a variety of devices, whether small, large, light, or heavy. While the individuals employed by these industries always ensure that they move products safely, there is always a risk of injury. In fact, in the construction industry, the number one cause of death is a fall; some industry violate OSHA by failing to provide proper fall protection; and, some even become injured through improper ladder safety. So, needless to say, while transporting products, you can become injured. If you work in a field or industry in which you must transport products, stand on ladders, or travel on stairs, here are products you should consider for safe transport.

Polyester Round Sling

If you’re transporting boxes, crates, or any products that can injure yourself or someone else, you should consider employing a polyester round sling to assist you. When a polyester round sling is applied to devices, you’ll discover that you can get the job done safely. There are various benefits to choosing a polyester round sling.

Strength: This benefit is especially important if you are transporting large and heavy materials. One drop of this, and you run the risk of extremely injuring yourself. You can even end up in the hospital. However, a polyester round sling prevents any type of injury from occurring. The strength of a polyester round sling makes it possible for you to carry or transport the heaviest of objects. Most importantly, you do not run the risk of dropping objects and essentially injuring yourself or others. If you want to maximize safety during transport, you should consider a polyester round sling.

Versatility: A polyester round sling is known for its versatility. This is also a benefit to using a polyester round sling during transport. Essentially, a polyester round sling has the ability to adapt to many different devices or products you have to transport daily. Say one day you’re transporting materials that are at a medium or light weight, a polyester round sling can help with that. Then, the next day you’re transporting materials that are heavy weight, a polyester round sling can help with this too! Therefore, you can use a polyester round sling for all of your transporting needs, since it is that versatile.

Long-Life Adjustable Chain Sling

If a polyester round sling is not for you, and your lifting activities, you can use an adjustable chain sling. An adjustable chain sling also has benefits.

Adjustable: The first benefit is in the name. This sling is adjustable so it can transport a variety of products quickly, safely, efficiently, and effectively. Additionally, since one sling is adjustable, you do not have to purchase a handful of other slings! One sling gets the job done!

Durable Steel: The chain sling parts are made out of steel. This then translates to this sling being extremely durable. With that being said, steel is extremely strong and will not rust, corrode, or break due to weight. In addition, this sling can be around water. If you want to safely and successfully transport your goods, you should consider this type of sling.

It is important to note that these slings come in many forms such as grade 100 steel chain slings and heavy duty slings.

No Bending Or Changes: With an adjustable chain sling, you do not have to worry about it bending or changing shape depending on the weight of the products you’re transporting. An adjustable chain sling does not bend under weight. Instead, it successfully carries all weight from one place to another.

Additionally, with an adjustable chain sling you do not have to add any other pieces to the sling in order to transport your objects. This is certainly convenient for you, because you only have to use one sling!

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