Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or switching jobs after decades working in the same company — getting a job is hard and the entire process can be frustrating, especially if you are using traditional job searching techniques. If you’re tired of dropping your resume and not getting any positive response, then you need help finding work from job placement agencies.

Recruiting and staffing companies are the key to professional bliss, whether you’re looking to fill up a permanent or temporary employment position. These agencies help to match candidates’ skills and qualifications with a job, helping with their staffing needs. Most agencies don’t charge for a job application and this cost often covered by the employer who pays for job placement advertisement.

Here are two alternatives to the traditional job-hunting techniques if you need help finding work.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing firms are essentially used to fill up short-term positions including contract and project roles. When compared to recruiting firms, the hiring process can be faster when using staffing companies. This is made possible by a vast database of qualified job candidates they keep, which allows them to quickly match specific skill sets to a job demand.

When it comes to sourcing for candidates with particular expertise or employability skills, these agencies have a varying way of doing that. And their services are mostly geared toward job seekers looking for entry-level jobs, as opposed to working with candidates who want to change jobs. Ideally, the staffing agency will handle all the administration and the recruitment process including screening, interviews, and training potential candidates.

Employee welfare is handled through the staffing firm and anything from promotions to transitioning to permanent employment as well as exit interviews is followed up by the firm. Your help finding work provides a lot of benefits including.

  • Quickly filling up short-term job positions
  • Develop a range of skills from working on different types of jobs
  • Access to free training
  • Means to bridge income gap
  • Holiday accruals, paid sick off and leave days
  • Transition to a permanent job

Recruiting Agencies

These are generally the go-to places if you need help finding work on more long-term and permanent roles such as executive roles. Unlike staffing, filling up these positions takes time and often involves an in-depth hiring process from screening to interviews.
Recruiting services help to source high-level jobs for candidates who are actively and inactively job hunting.

These firms are tasked to conduct the entire hiring process from ad placement, screening resumes, shortlisting, conducting interviews and finding the right candidate. So recruiting firms are largely involved in the search and hiring process of a candidate but less involved during candidate employment cycle.

Since recruiting firms also specialize in particular jobs within the industry, it’ll be important if you can first identify the niche you want to work in then consider the type of company you’d like to work for. This is a good start for job hunting. Contact the potential company through their human resource department and ask for their hiring process. Which recruiting firms are they using?

Functions and Purposes of Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

  • These two job placement options have the same objective – search and hire to fill a position
  • No charges involved during and after the application process
  • The employer covers for placement fee in both options
  • Staffing and recruiting should be a strategic business approach to staffing solutions
  • These agencies help to address employee turnover by attracting and retaining qualified candidates

If you need help finding work whether a short-term or long-term employment position, consider using staffing or recruiting agencies that offer opportunities for employment.

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