For over 150 years, steel was used to transport and store water. Today, steel tanks are still widely used, and some of the water storage tanks that are still in use are already 100 years old or even older. Thus, the importance of plating tanks has never been more essential than before.

Used for numerous purposes, storage tanks need custom linings to prevent the contents from spilling, leaking, and being contaminated due to corrosion. Tanks are also used to store chemicals and other synthetic components used for processes such as the ones in electroplating. Therefore, it’s necessary to include plating tanks with liners that are reliable and not ill-fitting in every preparation before use.

Do you want to avoid being susceptible to potential problems with your tanks? Read on and discover the reasons why you should have plating tanks and reap the benefits that come with them.

What are Plating Tank Liners

Plating tank liners are essential in protecting the contents of your tank as well as the container itself. One of the most widely used processes of coating and protecting metals, such as steel, is electroplating. However, for it to do a better performance, you must use reliable liners for plating tanks.

How do you know if the lining is reliable and not ill-fitted for your tank? First, let’s delve deeper into the process of electroplating so you’ll have a better understanding.

What Is the Process of Plating

The process of electroplating that can protect your tank begins with depositing a metal alloy or metal onto the material. Doing this can involve a vast selection of components including plastic materials like polycarbonate, polysulfone, and polycarbonate blends.

Coating the chosen material includes the following processes:

  • Settling the desired metal’s metal ions into the tank
  • Introducing the material to the tank
  • Applying electric current to adhere the coating and bind it to the material

In electroless plating, the process is almost the same. The only difference is that instead of an electric current, a chemical reaction is necessary for bonding the coating to the material. Due to the chemicals used in binding, it’s crucial to have a reliable tank liner for this process.

Why You Need To Plate Your Tanks

The typical lifespan of an underground tank should be at least 20 years or more. However, the construction of the tank, as well as the installation process, soil conditions, and routine maintenance can affect it either positively or negatively. To guarantee that your tank will last a long time while being safe from corrosion and other potential issues, you need to install plating tank liners.

Extend the service life of your tanks with heavy-duty flexible tank liners, custom tank liners, or even with a corrosion-resistant tank lining to ensure it’s protected from this naturally occurring process.

Electroplating is indeed the way to go when coating metals. However, you need proper and reliable custom linings in order to avoid the risks of corrosion, spills, and leaks.

Helps Protect the Environment

When you ensure that your underground storage tank is protected from leaks and corrosion, you also avoid spilling chemicals into the soil that can potentially contaminate the water supply. This way, you’re also helping protect the environment.

Provides a Safe Container for Chemicals

To safely contain chemicals, you need to protect your tank with a chemical liner. You will abide by the federal regulations while ensuring that the contents of your tank will not leak or spill that can result in soil and water contamination.

Protects Your Family and Household

It’s a requirement for 100% of water tanks to have a protective tank liner and coating since they contain potable water for human consumption. Even tanks used at home can benefit from having potable water tank lining. You and the rest of your household can drink safe water if your tank is protected from corrosion and chemical contamination.

Choose the Best Plating for Your Tank

Now that you know the different reasons why you need plating tank liners, go out there and choose the best liner products suited for your tank. Ensure that your tank is free from cracks and protected from spills and leaks, as well as corrosion. Maintain the integrity and safety of your tank and ensure that it will last a long time so you can enjoy its benefits for years.

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