Used shipping containers for sale ny

When you think about recycling, you probably envisage your own attempts at separating your trash. Perhaps you think about companies cutting down on their paper waste or even recycling of electronics. You probably aren’t thinking about shipping containers, but the reality is there is a huge need for such storage containers to be recycled and reused. They are versatile and durable, too, making them a great option for recycling. From
container pop up shops to rural schools or green housing projects, storage container modifications can make real differences in communities around the world, while also protecting the environment.

Recycling just one steel shipping container removes over 3,500 kilograms of steel from the dump, while also cutting down on the use of traditional building materials like brick, wood and mortar. This mean that repurposed shipping containers offer environmentally friendly building alternatives. Already communities around the world are looking at these long-lasting items as a means to create more schools, homes, offices and other structures in cost-efficient ways. In fact, well-maintained steel shipping containers can also over 20 years.

In rural and impoverished communities, access to buy used storage containers can mean the difference between developing a business to feed your family or having to rely on welfare. They make great mobile offices and can be outfitted for a variety of purposes. Climate controlled containers could be used for food storage facilities. They also make attractive and cost effective container pop up shops, radically cutting the cost of starting a business. As much s 29% of start-ups surveyed after failure, indicated that running out of cash was the chief reason, while pricing or cost issues were cited by as much as 185, according to CB Insights. Lowering start=-up and running costs by eliminating rent such as in the case of a container pop up shop or a mobile office, could significantly improve start-up success rates and lower the barrier to entry for many.

Given that there are more than 17 million containers in the world at present, but only five to six million of them are active, there are more than 11 million unused containers that can be repurposed to make a difference in the lives of millions of people. Reusing them rather than scrapping them means less waste and less metals in the environment.

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